Project Contributions not updating

Before you ask why I opened a topic in Discussions, rather than opened a private ticket in the Help Centre, let me tell you - this problem has been going on for YEARS. Basically, from the moment it was installed as a tool.

Project Contributions are updated:

  1. when a user starts to contribute on a project
  2. when a project changes its licence status
  3. magically when the IT team updates something connected to Project Contributions.

This means that in the top 3 projects I have a show I finished 4 years ago because it had changed its licence 5 months ago.

Project Contribution was supposed to be a neat shortcut to the projects we’re currently working on. But this is not actually true.

I bring this up today because the matter is directly related to the following thread, describing the new “volunteer mode”:

While we all very much welcome the idea of one place with all the information dedicated to our volunteer work on Viki, all the elements in that Volunteer mode (such as Project Contributions) need to actually be functional.

The Project Contributions page should be globally updated (by that I mean for every user) at least once per day and independent of licence changes. It’s more important for our work to see what we most recently worked on.

Or, even better, Project Contributions should be customisable, so that we get to show/hide or pull up projects we are actually working on and interested in.

Otherwise I see no point to it.

Even I had this doubt, how are projects contributions updated?
When I was new, my projects just showed the updated time as the time when I started working on that project.
If this is what you mean by updating project contributions:
This is what can be seen as of now on my profile, if I am not wrong, you mean this Updated 1 day ago, Updated 3 days ago, Updated 5 days ago right?
For some users, I saw that their projects updated hourly but for others, their projects were last updated years ago.

One day, I just stumbled upon it, I dunno from where I just decided to experiment with deleting one of my subtitles and it worked. The moment I deleted my subtitle, my project got updated. It works for me, I don’t know if it will work for you too. You might give it a try?

I do agree with pulling up and pushing down some projects from the page. I might want to display my recent projects above the ones that are already completed but can’t do so until and unless I update my projects one by one to make them float on my contributions page.

It should be that the most recently edited project get pushed up to the first place. However, that is not the case with me, and I’m sure many others, since we talked about this issue before. For example, it seems the last time I made a contribution on Viki was 12 days ago, when in fact it was two minutes ago. My projects don’t get updated unless they are added to Project Contributions (start of the project) or their licence is changed.


Same problem here. My latest contribution shows that my contribution was 10 days ago when in fact, it was only a few minutes ago. Anyway we can let the Viki team know about this problem and put pressure on them to fix it?

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So, I’m not the only one after all :joy:

Either not that many people have this problem or they don’t have time to focus on it right now. And with the holidays coming, Viki support is on a break. So maybe we should come back to this after New Years.

this is an ongoing issue I have had for really a while maybe longer than a year, I gave up the hope that it does update. :disappointed_relieved: (only the sub count on each project is updated, not the work as when it was last accessed).