Put on a smile


I feel that :sweat_smile: .

Imagine that a Kangaroo comes by every day :smile:


How adorable :smiley:



This is too precious. See for yourself! :wink:

The comments were just as sweet, with people sharing their experience, and how it affected them to this day! :slightly_smiling_face:


That is really sweet :blush:.




It’s pretty cool how they revived these “old” seeds and that it worked :smile:


What a truly Awesome story.






Talk about expressing yourself :smile::laughing: this tiny person got it down to a T :smile::smile:

More to make you smile :slightly_smiling_face:

One from #mazelee :blush::blush:



Very cool :smile:

  1. He finally did it (I hope he stays in Japan though if he still wants to)
  2. Ken W. seems like such a down to earth person


Since the date is past, I thought this picture :heart: art would still bring a smile :slightly_smiling_face::blush: by posting here :blush::blush:
Credit Source: See tab for 相册 :left_right_arrow: photo album


At first I was a bit confused, but now I see why you put it here (the end).

She’s 100% right. Don’t focus on all of the beauty standard, but focus on what makes the culture the culture (no matter what culture you are from) :sunglasses:


All of those pandemic babies are going to experience a lot of new things if the situation is better in their areas :smile:


The surprise on her face, his demeanor, everything about it, a definite smile for me :smile:


Lifesaver doggo :dog: :heart: