Put on a smile


Here’s a whirlwind of colours to put a smile on your face. :grin: :art:


Did you draw that? :smile:


Yes, I hope you like it.


Pretty cool problem solving :smile:


I’m glad they’ve figured a way to stay in business.

On a personal note, I’m kinda upset.
I mean, corporations are sucking the planet dry, while we have to go back in time and live like cave people. Not cool.

Those clay fridges are pretty cool, though. 🧊



“Oh look, dad brought back another animal again,” is likely something his children have said a lot :laughing:.

In the winter the ducks in the ‘sloot’ (ditch / trench) in front of us will sometimes follow us to our door, then they walk back :smile:.


Rules are not for cats :joy_cat::cat2::joy_cat:
Video is 7:41


It’s amazing what these creatures can do :smile:


Totally, :joy_cat: they are fearless when it comes to small spaces.


I love coral reefs. The ones on Curacao were beautiful, but sadly were partly destroyed due to pollution and some of the hurricane storms :cry:.

Amazing that they found one that is completely intact :smile:




Ha ha ha… But really, what women have to put up with… Thank you to all the wives and mothers out there! :heart:


Entangled :two_hearts: :heart_eyes_cat:



How cute! :smile:



A teddy in my work locker room :joy: never without it’s mask. :joy: It belongs to a co-worker. :smile: