Put on a smile


:rofl::joy::joy: He :dog2::paw_prints: probably would have brought them :sheep: :ram: inside too! :rofl: No need to stay home alone. :rofl: It’s in his nature! :joy:


Video title Nicht lachen! Means - Don’t laugh!


I lost the challenge :smiley:





True dat! My greys be the loudest too! :rofl:


Do not accept a friend request from Hormel foods.
It could be Spam









now just to hear those ocean waves and feel the sea breeze ( um its hot here, thats why I put this on here , )


I think the beach will be super full right now :laughing:
(at least here)


yep I think so too…



An oldie, but goodie :blush:
(I’ve seen this video so many times over the years :laughing:)

It’s also nice that “Ice cream” girl went on to debut herself.


This is a loonnng video, but for them doing it for free, it was worth the watch.
Sure, they’ll get the views on their social media, and well deserved too!
As of my posting, they are over 608K, going for 1M views!
• Do read the comments, you’ll find more smiles. :blush:
• Check out the community section to see the progress made by the homeowner, before these guys came along. It’ll shock you! :hushed:!


ok I’m outta here


aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh time for a music lesson