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A man advertises himself during the Depression, 1930s

The Great Depression is a significant topic that we discussed in school. However, we would always focus on the bigger picture and forget to zoom in the lens on those actually affected. We know for a fact that the stock market crashed in 1929, and that it struck the workforce. Still, it hits different when you see photos like this.

We can smile at this sign today, unlike when this was happening. . .


Lol, I survived all the rounds XD
This was a funny one.


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ok y’all this is for our grads

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That is so amazing! Some say dogs are man’s best friend, but apparently so are dolphins. So cool.


way I have heard, dolphins are smarter than dogs as well


Play this, and smile from ear to ear :blush::grin::slight_smile:
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If I hadn’t already made my mind up to post this video here instead to the “what are you listening to thread” …
This could tempt me …

I like this band because they make me less worried, or should I say, to not take everything too serious all the time.

As they sing “we are the commando - sunshine” …

And bring out these little clips of tv-series, movies, music videos, … I can’t stop laughing as they morph the faces of band members on “Johnny” from Dirty Dancing, or Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees, Bruce Lee, or even Olivia Newton-John in the movie Grease, as Captain Jack Sparrow, or even infamous “Chucky”, or was it his bride? It gave me a good laugh and I hope you, too, have fun watching it.


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