Put on a smile


I watch these videos every year now :laughing:
I smile because most of the people actually do the right thing, it’s only a small percent of people that steal packages off of porches… And yes, it is petty :laughing:


Watching Secret Santa videos on YT from East Idaho News :smiley:


Never knew this was a thing. You learn something new every day :smile:


Today is the first day of winter :smile:


Yes, the shortest day and the longest night at least in the Northern Hemisphere. (It was my fathers birthday.)


I was browsing on the forums and this one post caught my eye because it basically called me a jerk.
So of course I clicked on it, because I was curious and not yet wide awake.
I’m happy I did, because this person said they called us jerks, because the community made them curious about loose leaf tea and they can’t drink teabag tea anymore since they love it so much :laughing:

Not what I expected at all :smile: I can sympathize with them though, I was in their shoes when I first made the switch and realized that I really love the taste of tea (I liked tea before this, but I often couldn’t drink much of it or without honey because it tasted bitter to me, even when brewed on the correct temperature).


This was cute ^.^


an angel among us


Happy new year y’all


This is really random, but this video put a smile on my face :smile:. I’ve never had to deal with locksmiths myself, but had to help friends and some of them are really grumpy (and super pricey!).


yes, I did it one time, pricey ,you bet!!





Teddy sounds so HAPPY eating his pumpkins! And he’s so talkative! :blush:


The voice! So cute :smile:


looks like theres a poossibility of seeing snow here in NC USA, m seeing is believing


Just don’t expect the truth from Alexa! :rofl:


still an iffy here, and yeah lets leave Alex out of it




Those carrots were very cool.