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besides genealogy that is




I can say only WOW! I got so hungry afterwards, lots of work to farm and save food, like home preppers… but it looks quite cold there… the soil must be fertile to grow food and where did they got the meat from? Drying the carrots was a surprise, how did she cut it like that :wink: Kids should watch this in schools to see a different side of living.


Yes, very cool right? I would very much like a garden like hers. She worked so hard to put everything in place, even the fence!

She learned a few techniques from her grandfather, who was a banquet cook, and the rest she learned herself, I guess.

Maybe from other villagers or from the butcher. Sometimes they do slaughter their own animals.

You can see that in this video by Dianxi Xiaoge for example, who lives in a different part of China (Dawang, her dog, always makes me smile):

(trigger warning: butchering of meat)


Ugh its horrible to watch I hold for 7 seconds.



Yes, today was really again sooo a typical Monday… How would our Nena sing

I stay at home, I stay in bed
The world is so hectic, here it is so nice
I can’t do anything today
Any action would be stress
I am off the air
I stay in bed… Usw…
Yes, sometimes just stay in bed :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Well if you want to get meat, you have to cut it in parts, I grew up with pig feast sausages. At 2:43 that’s how I cut my whole chicken from store in parts, lol. Every part of the animal gets processed… I can only say thank you to the animal who gave life for us, humans are carnivores just meat isn’t needed every day… I noticed in the series of “chinese girl wild” that they do not use a lot of meat but more veggies or just veggies and legumes… less is better… the food she cooks is so healthy, noticed that in many dishes there is garlic, ginger and chillis :wink:

I did once candied ginger, gosh so much work. Watching others cook is inspiring to cook different dishes :slight_smile: would that call for a wok…


That is true :blush: I also like to use every part of the animal if possible. I agree with you, it’s a way of saying thank you. I don’t even eat that much meat per week (maybe two or three times a week?), but still important to make sure nothing goes to waste. Same goes for vegetables.

I can imagine. Sugar work is always time consuming and sometimes tricky. Sounds like you have a lot of fun when cooking :smile:. I tell my family that if I had a big garden I’d probably fill it with plants and food and my neighbours would think I’m weird :laughing:


I added a trigger warning to it for the future, in case the content wasn’t clear :slight_smile:


Thanks. Do they eat that after she blows her air on it? Is that for design purpose only?


:rofl: (Must be a city girl) Uh… Don’t ever move to a reservation then. You have to process whatever you hunt or fish.

My hubby would go hunting or salmon fishing and bring the meat home late. I’d be up all night processing it and still go to work in the morning. Exhausting work but necessary. You have to take care of the meat correctly so it doesn’t spoil. We didn’t have a garage so we brought the meat into the kitchen to process it.

She inflates the liver with air so she can get the marinade in there. The marinade is necessary to preserve the food.

It’s interesting living a traditional lifestyle while holding down a high-tech job by day. Talk about skitzo life-style differences! :rofl: :scream: :sunglasses: :rofl:

me, disguised as a high-tech type person - “IT Service desk”
typical angelight type customer - “My computer is broken.”
me - a ‘genuine American Indian’ high tech type person. “Ok, We can fix that for you. Did you know we processed a cooler full of salmon and butchered a whole deer last night? See, we can do it all.”
:rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl:

Now granted, Me and hubby lived in Idaho where hunting is a thing. but I do admit a few of my friends back in San Francisco would have a cow if I asked them to help me. :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :scream: :laughing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl:


Yes @porkypine90_261 answered it correctly. It’s to get the marinade in. I know you have a thing about people touching foods if I remember correctly :thinking:. It is a very traditional way of getting the marinade into the liver though (from what I’ve seen in documentaries about Chinese cuisine) and that’s important because she hangs it out to dry afterwards.


Hihi, I can imagine that people would ask you questions like: “But why? You can just buy it in the supermarket… :neutral_face::laughing:



Uh. 아니! No, you can not get it that fresh in the grocery store! Unless you purchase it live, swimming in a tank. :sunglasses: I am very picky about the freshness of fish. But I grew up in the Bay Area and there is plenty of fresh seafood, ‘on the hoof’ :sunglasses: That fish is caught and immediately cleaned and processed. If it isn’t cooked or smoked, it gets fast frozen.

OooO! Next time you are in San Francisco! EAT THIS! CIOPPINO! (It will cost you $$$$) Absolutely DELICIOUS! Catch of the day - fresh dungeness crab, shrimp, clams, mussels, sometimes oysters and squid, Halibut, salmon, whatever is in season.

(Next time I make this I will put in Gochujang! Spice it up. Gochujang would go very well in Cioppino - I know it’s really good in bacalhau stew because I substitute Azores pepper paste with Korean Gochujang. Gochujang has a ??? fuller taste - better umami?))

Served with REAL sourdough! Not that fake store-bought stuff. BOUDIN Sourdough is the real stuff.
GAWD! I AM SO HUNGRY NOW! :sob: Making myself homesick!

Yea, I know this recipe is Puerto Rican but it’s the same thing as Azores bacalhau and… I grew up in a Puerto Rican household. Or maybe I should say, at my best friends house, 3 houses over. Her mom was my second mom. I would go over there all the time and I even left from there when I got married. I got adopted and put to work just like any of her other kids. :smiley: Now I have to go make some Borenque rice. :rofl: and some pasteles IF! I could EVER find GREEN platanos! lol. I can get yautia in Idaho but no way can I get green platanos here. I asked my mom to send me some pasteles and she sent me the achiote and told me she lost her ‘grinders’! :rofl: (and here I was hoping. :sob: :rofl:)

Our job when we were kids our job was to grind the yautia and platanos. Our fingers would be black! GAWD! It took ALL DAY to grind up that masa. Cook it up in a cannibal sized pot - caldera- of pasteles - boil them up for an hour and all the NON-helpers would gobble them up in less than a half hour. It’s like relatives would crawl out of the woodwork if they found out we were making pasteles and ‘come visit’ :rofl: Yea, no such thing as secret pasteles. :rofl:

The Freakin Rican Restaurant -

How to make Puerto Rican Pasteles de Guineo

He’s lying! :smirk: It’s not easy if you make it the old-fashioned way with child slave labor and scraped kid fingers. :scream: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing: . :rofl::sunglasses::scream:
He is using a electric grinder! Whatever happened to the old fashioned graters! BY HAND! (I’m jealous) :rofl::rofl:

Oh! If you are going to make these the bananas and Platanos must be ABSOLUTELY GREEN. If they are ripe, the starch turns to sugar and the pasteles will taste weird. Sweet pasteles are WRONG!

Oh! He says to taste the raw masa! NOPE! raw taro is toxic when raw. If you are going to taste it, just a teeeeeeeny bit but just eyeball the seasonings. It’s better to not taste it. You have to cook it at full boil for an hour and eat them hot. If you are not going to eat them immediately freeze them RAW.

DAMN! The Freakin Rican restaurant is in New York! (I wonder how expensive doordash would be to Idaho?)


!!! Oaxacan Mole! Is to DIE FOR!

It says chocolate stew but it is NOT SWEET. :joy:

It is best with traditional turkey. You can use chicken too.

She is using an old-fashioned grinder.


It looks delicious, but I’m deadly allergic to seafood :sob:

Hihi, yes SF sourdough is famous :wink:

Ooh interesting recipe. I actually know the ABC islands’ variant of the Venezuelan dish that seems similar, called ayaka (or hallacas in Venezuela). It’s made with corn instead of the yuatia though and with different ingredients.

What size is this? :laughing:


(Big enough to cook a whole cannibal)


She inflates the liver with air so she can get the marinade in there.

OMG the thought that she might have bad breath was what made me so sick. I’m sorry but some people have such bad breath. Let me stop…:nauseated_face:


@porkypine90_261 > How to make Puerto Rican Pasteles de Guineo. It’s not easy if you make it the old-fashioned way

Making pasteles puertorican style IS very hard and it’s a lot of work involved, and you will end up bleeding a lot bc the ‘‘guayo’’ ‘‘grinder’’ is hell to work with. When I use to help making them, we end up having big fights bc no one wanted to do the guayo part. lol

You can order them on line GOYA products sell them in Supermarkets and on line (amazon) too. They are not as delicious as homemade but I have to say I don’t even know how to make them. The two times I tried it, I wasted so much money. First time, I added too much salt and the second time I used green plantain that for unknow reason tasted sweet and you’re right they get a weird taste if green banana is sweet.

I don’t eat pasteles from Goya bc I only eat pasteles from a person I know is VERY clean. and that is my sister. She makes delicious pasteles and she’s very clean. When eating pasteles we have to be very careful and make sure the person is clean, the house is clean or you might get sick from eating them.


Aw! I am jealous! You have a personal GRINDER! :rofl: I can’t make my own here because I can’t get green platanos or green bananas here. They are already too ripe when they get to Idaho. I can’t get Goya here, the stores don’t sell pasteles here and Amazon Goya products don’t include pasteles. :sob:

At the university I used to work at before I retired, around Christmas, me and one friend who was Puerto Rican would overnight Pasteles from Puerto Rico (before the hurricane) and share them. EXPENSIVE SHIPPING! We’d just tell people they were boiled green banana masa. They would give us a weird expression of distaste then we did not have to share. :joy: :laughing: :smirk: :sunglasses: