Put on a smile



The ice is gone now, but people seriously had the “schaatsgekte” this year :smile:


This is really cute :smile:



LOL Okay in case you didn’t know you are addicted either K-drama, LJK or both …
Got a video suggested by yt …

My brain was trying to find a fault, as the picture didn’t fit …
But ended up first with comprehending.


instead of SO MUCH JUNK!

Hope you could get a little smile out of it over this serious K-drama addict.


I honestly didn’t understand it… but then I looked it up and saw who was meant (I always saw his name is Joon Gi).

Guess I’m not addicted lol :wink:


“Mushroom Cat Number Plate” by the 'Labbits always does it for me, no matter how “down” I might be:

The full-CG version was funnier (Uki in a full-body cat costume jamming with the boys in the back of the semi, with a grinning skellie driving the truck,) but it’s no longer posted - clips of it are in the TVs in this version though.


I see where you got your name from now :smile:


Baby otter looking for mom.


I need to study hard to get as good as her :smile:



Almost feels like a crossover :smile:


Didn’t know she achieved a Guinness world record. Good for her :smile:



Always like these mv reactions :smile:


I have had more than one similar experience with Americans :smile: Or that Dutch people starts speaking to me in English… which is so odd. I’m Dutch, I had a whole conversation with you in Dutch before :laughing:


The worse thing that erases the smile from my face is, when a person wants to speak Spanish to me; although I know and I’m speaking to them in pretty decent English! To make matters worst their ‘‘spanish’’ sucks BIG time, and I hate to hear a person speaking Spanish that sounds so poorly.

What puts a smile back in my face? when I tell them very politely: Please speak to me in English bc I’m having a hard time understanding ‘‘your spanish.’’ If they want to practice Spanish, I’m willing to help, but they need to let me know first so I can prepare myself mentally on such a difficult task as to trying to understand their ‘‘broken’’ Spanish.


Haha I tend to ask, either in the language we’re speaking or in the language I want to practice.


Discovered his channel and watched a couple of videos :smile:


A group of pigeons… :joy: