Put on a smile



Thanks to you; it came out quite handy for me:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



I like but those tattoos are a total turn off for me.


Yea, relatives kissing on the mouth is so very weird to me. YUCK! That’s like incest to me. NO one, and I mean NO ONE did that in my neighborhood, even married people. No public displays of affection. You can talk, joke, horse around, etc,. but no smoochy stuff. The only ones who got hugs were babies and little children.


What a rotten guy! Too cheap to get a divorce! :sunglasses:

Uh… yea. That snow guy… nope. Not my type. Too furry. :laughing:


Mi Amiga! Let me know the next time your sister is making pasteles. I’ll buy some if she can pack them raw in dry ice and ship overnight to Idaho.


(But you have to let me know ahead of time so I can save up the cash. I live on social security and only get paid once a month.)



You crack me up so much. You make my day more bearable. Today looks like a summer day but we have 22 degrees with a 17 degree feel. I have been stuck in here bc the cold weather and I don’t get along.

Sadly, we’ll have to leave that on hold bc she only makes pasteles for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, so I would have to send you from the ones she’ll give me. That’s a promise if I’m still alive. Ironically, she’s quarantined at home bc she works at Motor Vehicles and a close co-worker is in the hospital with covid. Her whole department is on quarantine now. We haven’t seen each other for a while:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Yea, me and my scraped and blackened fingers know very well that Christmas is masa grinding time. :sunglasses: That’s the only time you can get the green platanos and green bananas.

And laughter is good for the soul. I miss mi hermanas. We were always laughing about something or other.

And it is surprisingly cold here! The other day when I was going to get Thai food and ended up buying bacalao, I forgot the sofrito ingredients! I mean how can you make sofrito without onion and peppers? So I had to go back to the store today. There was no snow out the door but it was so COLD out there. Once I got around the block, there was the snow.

Sorry your sister got exposed. I hope she escapes getting sick.

Oh! you’re cold? If you need to warm up! DANCE!

Chi-town chacha slide :laughing:


Tito Puente 5 beat Mambo


ok how about this one??


ooo! That was me 3 years ago trying to shovel the drifts outta my old driveway. :scream: :rofl:


Just massive dad energy :smile:


Well, This isn’t a laugh but it’s very interesting to a science geek like me. Astronomers found a TRIPLE BINARY SOLAR SYSTEM! a solar system containing 6 stars and they are paired up as binaries. Like how kewl is that? Eclipses all the time! The questions is, how would small exoplanets (like earth)form with 3 binary pairs playing havoc on gravitational fields? Small rocky planets like earth would have a difficult time forming in the ‘sweet’ zone. We’d have to look at the huge gaseous planets like Jupiter in the outer zones. Waiting to see what else they find out on this solar system.

Waiting for the scifi authors to catch up to this one.




Even watch a movie and go :neutral_face:?

I usually look up movie reviews to find out why I feel that way and after watching ‘Little Women’ the 1994 and 2019 version, I just had to.

They brought up points I agree with :smile:


So CUTE! That’s like watching my hubby dance. Like nope. Hubby was not a dancer either. :rofl:


These guys got a chance to follow their dreams :slight_smile:


thought you might like some cuteness



Missed him on 2D1N, glad YT recommended this :smile:


When her grandfather bites into the snack :smile: