Putting Up The Christmas Tree 🎄


Since it’s already full-on Winter where I live – snowing heavily – I decided to put up my hopefully eco-friendly tree​:christmas_tree::gift::tada:
Have you started on yours?


i want snow ;_;
i love to see all the white… and my tree (not a real one) and my lights and and and xd


so beautiful Great job!


merci ^____^


Oh, that’s wonderful !! :christmas_tree::santa::mrs_claus::confetti_ball::tada::balloon::gift:


How is the tree hopefully eco friendly? lol


Technically, it’s an artificial Christmas tree. You can use it year after year without the need to chop down trees and then throw them in the bin like worthless trash. On the other hand, it’s made out of plastic. I plan on using it well, though, so I won’t discard it anytime soon.


just started decorating today. I don’t know about a “white Christmas” which I’d ;love, but looks like NC in my area will get snow this weekend. how long do you keep your tree up? do you keep it up till “old Christmas?” (Jan 6)


Oh, that’s really nice. I hope you get your White Christmas.

January 6 ?! I keep it until it gets so hot that the chocolate Santa melts. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


i keep it as long as it doesn’t bother me xD


:evergreen_tree:love it!! :joy:


I see lol

I throw my tree out every year and my kids fight all the time bc they say I’m so wasteful.


Not yet :slight_smile: We will buy a fresh Christmas tree from a farmer nearby, a few days before Christmas and set it up. Our children will decorate the tree and set up the lights. The tree will stay until mid-January.

Right now, I have decorated the garden & house with tons of chains of lights and started to decorate the inside of our home.

I really love the Christmas time! :heart:


I love seeing everybody’s Christmas trees! I’ve had mine up since Thanksgiving :flushed: Just couldn’t wait!

I live in Florida, so it’s usually warm here. We did light up a fire last night just for fun!


I was going to add a picture but nothing happens when I click upload. :confused:


An Add Image screen should appear, though. Try again.


I might do a little Christmas tree this year (I’ve never made one :cry:). I want to decorate it with the ornaments that me and my sister made, they are crochet decorations :blush: If I’ll make it I will share the pictures :grimacing: I hope it will snow here too, it snowed only two times in twenty years that I live here so I shouldn’t be too hopeful?? lol but the weather definitely got colder so :raised_hands:


BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this kinds of handmade ornaments but you don’t find them anymore and if you do, they’re very expensive


Thank you ! handmade stuff in general is very expensive, but I would sell them for a cheap price since they’re small. I tried doing a Christmas market thing but it flopped and I didn’t sell anything :sweat_smile:


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