Putting Up The Christmas Tree 🎄


Thanks! I think my original file size was too big because it just kept disappearing. :slight_smile:


my grandma crocheted long time ago snowflakes and starched them and she made beautiful angels, I will treasure them forever and wished I could crochet these as well.


I think to decorate a tree outdoor is more magical, that if you have one in front of your house :slight_smile: I think Xmas became so commercially pushed that it doesn’t feel much of a xmas but
a constant push for shopping, that’s how I feel. I just like Xmas carols and plenty of candles, the warmth of light is just that, a fir wreath is nice too :evergreen_tree:


They have very simple patterns, I can link you the tutorials I used if you want :slight_smile:


@federicascotti97 oh great idea, yes do send me the link, perhaps someone else might make them as well, I can get easily such cotton yarn. Thank you and Happy Holidays :gift: :bamboo:


@simi11 you’re welcome :slight_smile: Reindeer Rudolph this is a Japanese tutorial but she also has english subtitles, Candycane same with this, Mini Stocking, Christmas Tree, Snowflake and then there is also this Gingerbread Man that is very simple if you want to try! I used a 3-4 mm yarn to make all the ornaments and 4,5 mm hook size, just go with bigger size yarn if you want them bigger. Hope you all will spend happy holidays with your loved ones :heart::christmas_tree::dizzy:


@federicascotti97 these instructions are so good and easy. I looked up patterns online but the stiches and writing instructions are too much for me, this is easy, cause you can see it.

So thank you very much, I try to make some as gift. I have lots of yarn and hooks, knitting needles and needles in my storage, if I don’t find them I buy it, it’s not that expensive. I hope others on Viki can create something as well. :gift:
Thanks again and have Blessed Christmas as well with your family and friends. :star2: :christmas_tree:Just something like this sharing little things makes the world so small and people so close. May there be Peace on Earth ! :earth_americas::hearts:

@azrael_tm86v perhaps you’ll find time to make something, good luck!
@teufelchen_netty_266 you love those things!


If you’re under the mistletoe, then :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::joy::joy::joy:


yes @simi11. i love them, but i dont make them xD
ist mir zu schwierig. nix für mich grobmotoriker


I’m so glad you find them helpful! I like tutorials more because you can also replay the video if you missed something :relaxed: make sure to send me pictures if you make it!! :heart_decoration::heartbeat::two_hearts: :gift_heart:


So beautiful! :heart_eyes:


now you have inspired me to do some this year!


I’m reviving this topic as many of us will put up a xmas tree or already have :wink:
I’m thinking of baking Christmas Ornaments made with saltdough, I want that my grandson helps with the cut out, he has some experience with playdoh :smile:

Looking at some websites I see that they can be even painted and decorated I just know the natural color ones and will look for them as well. - Has anyone made them once, can you share your experience? I think you could make these on a budget buying ingredients at Walmart and Dollar Store:écoupage/


Is that the same as what Dutch people call “brooddeeg” (bread dough)? :thinking:


I have to get new decorations, thought I would get my tree up this coming weekend, just me, so why not?


@mirjam_465 if there is salt in it then yes, the salt prevents it from molding and breaking there is a version also with small part of starch (corn starch) that makes it smoother and a spoon of oil as well… it can’t be really called bread dough as for bread usually it would call for yeast but again there a many breads, but if you know the tart dough for fruit tarts it’s made with flour, butter, salt and water and then rolled out.

Avoid too grainy salt, there are also versions with baking soda. It’s also called fake porcelain it can be painted but instead of painting it, the added water can be colored with either teas like hibiscus, beets, turmeric added cocoa and or cinnamon for the smell etc.

What’s important is the drying / baking process so the dough won’t crack and it’s completely dry. I read different suggestions like first dry for 48 hours and then bake at low temperature or to bake first at 50 Celsius for 30 min and then at 100 Celsius 1 hour… I’m not sure which ways the the best… also it says to coat them if they are hung in humid spot like kitchen. If not coated the dough could absorb the moisture…
What a science and if not make them next year again :wink:

@frustratedwriter Mary, this might be the easiest, if you’d like them white with cornstarch and baking soda…


Then it’s the same.

Haha, that’s really what it’s called in Dutch! :joy:


I think this year will be the saddest christmas since they already said not to gather with family since the covid is coming back full force. They closed nail salons, gyms and non essential places. The Banks and post Office and Supermarkets you have to make a line to go in and is bitterly cold. Today was snowing but it rain so it didn’t get stuck.

My daughter decorated 3 small trees so cute: that’s good enough for us. I can imagine how horrible New Years will be too. A lot of ppl are buying fresh cut trees but they are so expensive now. We’ll have to make the best of it and 2022 make up for all we missed this year.


They even forbid fireworks here at New Year.

Are we going to skip 2021? :wink:
But indeed, we might need 2021 to get out of the mess and then maybe 2022 will be “normal”… whatever that means by then.

Anyways, my Christmases already haven’t been like they used to be for years now, so for me there’s no big difference.


my sons wanted me to stop doing the “traditional” stuff, and its really missed. I will put up my tree and all, and guess thats it, really missed, this corona thing is the pits. be so glad when its over, no gatherings and all. not good at all. and no fireworks for New years? ha, in my neighborhood, there will be fireworks, they don’t miss it and I just found out the bottom of my tree is broke, so I will imp[rovise, and stick tree in a tub of dirt and go from there