Putting Up The Christmas Tree 🎄


I heard in France the government announced a curfew from 8 pm to 7 am on Sylvester. If the German government will come up with the same idea, well no one can forbid me to go out into my own garden. And I already ordered fireworks online.

I’m really glad, that my grown up children still live at home, so we can celebrate together. The next total lockdown is announced, they still have to decide the exact schedule. Only the really necessary shops and supermarkets will be open. My son is an University student and has a part-time job in a supermarket and he told us, today hell was breaking loose and they couldn’t fill up the shelves fast enough, the demand was so high.

But I still haven’t bought a Christmas tree, I will wait for Monday, because I think, tomorrow everyone will be on the roads for the trees. I see myself driving into the woods and bringing home a monstrous tree like Chevy Chase, including some squirrels :rofl:

So right now, I don’t have a Christmas tree to put up, I’m still organizing my Christmas bulbs for some window dressings. I cling to my traditions and don’t let this ***** virus spoil my mood. :christmas_tree:


Gorgeous ornaments. I can imagine the gorgeous tree when all done. please share pic with us (if you don’t mind) Are those very expensive? They look expensive and over here in US designed like that are very expensive.

What I did this year bought the clear ones and decorated them with beads, glitter etc… but they are not as gorgeous as the ones you have. I’m glad you won’t let the virus ruin your christmas bc it ruined ours you get $500 dollar fine if more than 10 ppl are inside your house celebrating. Vaccine on the way but not everybody will get it…:disappointed::worried::cry:


Of course 2021 has to be skipped bc we don’t know how well the vaccine will really work on us. We need ourselves to heal too, so celebration can only come when we get over from seeing so many people dying, and especially ppl we knew and loved.

They made a d^^n movie about covid 3 with Demi Moore and I was so pissed bc in the story the vaccine never worked, so everyone is dying, and those alive are trying to survive. Is ON DEMAND which I have to pay to watch, but honestly I don’t want to see crap like that bc I had enough with what we’re going through.

It makes me sad that your christmas are no longer happy ones for a while now, and I hope that changes soon, and you can feel the happiness and joy christmas brings. Although like I said I don’t see any happy christmas for 2021 either…:sob:


Folks, don’t let your Christmas spirit and traditions and joy be taken away by Corona! :face_with_thermometer:

Although there are many restrictions in place, you might still have some Christmas decorations in your attic or basement, you can play Christmas songs on YT, and watch xmas movies. Lighten up a candle or two :candle:and perhaps watch birds through the window. If you feel lonely call someone :calling:, a friend or a family member, sip on hot tea with cinnamon or ginger :tea:, eat some cookie:cookie: without guilt, or enjoy wine or schnaps, :wine_glass: it doesn’t need to be grand, just enjoy the day, smile and appreciate the little things.

You will get through this :heart_eyes:


amen simi11

yes lets keep that Christmas spirit! there arfe others are less fortunate, those homeless folks uright up the street from you, or even your neighbor.

bake a cake!!! Christmas is sharing,caring, giving, even if its just a smile, I said bake a cake? bake cupcakes!! yeah I have been planning to bake some chocolate chip cookies and share with my three young men, neighbors that is, they helped me with my car , cleaned my yard and so on, yeah lets bake some cookies!!!

wined or shcnaps, well substitute, tea or coffee or even those sodas we should stay away from!
Even though I may not have my immediate family, I have my “adopted” kids that we can wish each other a merry Christmas happy new year. we may not meet personally, but all of you do mean a lot to me.

I have felt lonely & blue lately, but I got involved with my hobbies, and to call someone good idea

and SMILE!
and yes we all will get through this!!


um am I cheating?? enjoy anyway



I finished some decorations for the table :slight_smile:

And can you see our miniature crib in the bulb? Just one household, no guests :grin:


Beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


oh it’s so pretty!!! :heart_eyes:


You can really decorate beautifully. Every piece is so delicate. Sadly, I can’t see the crib. But honestly is gorgeous deco. You can make a youtube channel if you have the time, and it seems they pay for that really well. Some ppl are so good at deco, and some are so bad at it lol. I love Savvy Sandy (hispanic) Yoeduv (African American) and a Russian lady that makes vase so gorgeous from bleached white cotton twine. I can be hours watching them.


Hello Folks! Have a Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:as it comes, find Joy and Peace, enjoy the cookie and a warm drink, it will warm your heart as well :heart: :christmas_island: light a candle and see the light :candle:

Frohe Weihnachten, Vesele Vanoce, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Vrolijk kerstfeest, Wesołych świąt Bożego Narodzenia, Feliz Natal :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::dove::snowman_with_snow:


thank you simi11


Let’s get updates you all!:christmas_tree::snowman::church::santa::deer:
Include, and share any of your decor for this season.
What’s your planned dates for 2022!
Looks like we missed this thread for 2021.
Not before December 1st for me! :smile::smile: I caught this season’s spirit from frustratedwriter’s post in the Segue Cafe: (。⁠◕⁠‿⁠◕)—✧👇🏾

Remember our other threads for this season. Hit that search button first. I found lots for sharing dramas we watch during this season, traditions we follow, and songs we listen, or sing.


did we miss this???

updates? hmmm, nothing as of yet, I will come back and do that


well we do need cookies & cake to set up our tree, even snacks

If a Gingerbread House is too boring for you… we present GINGERBREAD JEEP!!

Another fun gingerbread idea:

by Courtney Ashton


Don’t forget to post up yours, what you put up around you, even in your town, and such! It’s kind of like virtual reality shares, stuff from our real life. :joy::wink::+1:t5:


These ideas are not only edible, they are also eco-friendly ideas :blush: Thanks for these inspirations! :point_down:t5:


@leerla73 Are you already in the Christmas wave? :joy: The shops cannot start early enough to sell sweet stuff and ornaments and outdoor light and candles.

I have a stash of candles since we’re gonna have power issues so I prepped, and next week in my town is again candle making so I will create some candles.

As for the wreath I will go at the end of November in nearby forest, they cut branches to bring more light so I can get nice ones for free and make a wreath with candles etc.

I’m not sure about a tree yet… I could also put branches together and create some kinda tree and hang ornaments… (I did that once in past)

I’m not a fan of getting a tree too early, I find it more magical to set it up just couple days before xmas eve. I probably do some lights indoor and outside of my window and decorate windows.

I perhaps crochet those ornaments you can find if you scroll up up I think till 2018.

Gosh time flies… another year down the pout, lol, was it a good year for all? Too bad Ukraine war hasn’t ended yet… :pray::dove::peace_symbol:

Anyway, everyone keep posting your creations… I bought the xmas cookies dough already, last year I was too late… and many were sold out… :cookie: :christmas_tree:



CHRISTMAS CANDY SLEIGHS - fun & easy to make!…/12/candy-sleighs.html