QC and Vikipass Plus


Hi. I’m a Gold QC and I started watching Dali and the Cocky prince and after two episodes, the rest were locked and I got a mesage on screen that I need to switch to Vikipass Plus to continue. I don’t know how Viki came up with this idea but if the QCs need to buy the Vikipass Plus, why would they still want to work for free AND spend 10 dollars a month to watch content? This is somehow just not adding up logically. I really would like to see Viki reconsider this, otherwise they will lose subbers.


Don’t QCs normally get a Viki pass Plus?


Okay, don’t get mad at my perhaps silly sounding questions:

  1. Are you logged in? Sometimes Viki system “throws” you out, without you realizing it.
  2. Where are you located?


I see that you’ve a Pass Standard. Pass Plus is only available for people residing in the Americas. Did you use a VPN while watching the episode?

I live in Asia and the show is available to me with a Standard Pass.


I was logged in, yes, and also checked my subscription status when it happened, and it sais Vikipass Standard. Then went back and reloaded the video and it was still locked, wanting me to purchase an upgrade. I’m in Hungary


I get the Standard as a QC


Do you have contact to any other Hungarian QC?
To check on the channel?


I wasn’t on VPN at the time. I used VPN shortly before that but switched it off. Perhaps it still wasn’t cleared in cache…? Not sure. But even then, do American QCs then get Vikipass Plus automatically?


Yes. As Viki Pass Plus is not for Europe, we Europeans can only get Viki Pass Standard since there is no other option above it.

If you don’t have anyone else in Hungery to double check, try to delete cookies and cache that is what Viki says all year long. Log out and back in again. What happens?


Deleting cache did help, thank you! Apparently the VPN interferred, even though it was switched off… Probably stuck in cache.