QC Clarification needed

I didn’t understand the requirements to become a QC. It says 3000 for translation, 2000 for segmenting. 3000 of what? 3000 episodes? 3000 words?

Thanks in advance.

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a unit of measure here on Viki is 1 (one) subtitle :slight_smile:

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I am sorry, but I still do not understand. What is one subtitle? One drama? One episode? One minute? One word? What is it?

This might sound confusing, but when you sub there is a “bubble” you write the sub into. That’s called a segment. When you sub one of those segments, that is considered one subtitle.


captions displayed at the bottom of a movie or television screen that translate or transcribe the dialogue or narrative.

provide (a movie or program) with subtitles.
“much of the film is subtitled”

Segmenting is the process of “cutting” a video into timed parts, or segments, into which subtitles can be written.


To Icedthy,

Thank you very much! That’s a very clear explanation.


How many “subtitles” are in one drama episode (approximately)?

depending on how many episodes a drama has which can be between 10 and 50 episodes some are one hour long some 45 minute. So roughly to give you an idea is between 1800 to 5000 subtitles. A subtitle does not mean one sentence, it is a segment of a dialog, it can be just: “Yes.” or multiple sentences.
Hope this will clarify your question.

For about an hour long episode, I think it’s in the vicinity of about 700-1000 subtitles. It obviously depends on how much dialogue is in the show/episode as well as how the segmenter decided to split it up.


If you find yourself in demand you will get there quite quickly. It took me a little over two weeks.
You could find yourself highly valued buy your channel moderator or chief editor and highly recommended to viki for you to become one. Viki might approve of course temporarily until you reach your 2000 segment (subtitle box cutting) or 3000 subtitle (one subtitle box) count.

I’m somewhere in 6800 territory. Took me a month and some to get there.

HI guys,
I was just wondering I am a volunteer but wish to become a QC I have watched the tutorials how can I start, I have applied for the role as a segmenter but they require for me to be a QC. PLEASE HELP ME.


Someone else might be able to give you a better answer, but in the meanwhile: :smile_cat:

Did they just ask you to be a QC or also that you need to be a graduate of the Ninja Academy / Seg 101 Grad?
Most channels accept you under one of those conditions. If you don’t wish to do that, you’d have to find a channel that doesn’t have those requirements. But, I do highly recommend it. If I’m not mistaken Seg101 is currently on hiatus, but the Ninja Academy still accepts new students (you need to be patient - waiting list). And please don’t randomly segment on channels without permission (not that I think you would) :slight_smile:

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OH MY DAYS thank you for the rapid reply,
so basically let me explain I chose to volunteer as I wanted to give back to the VIKI community for letting me enjoy so many dramas in other languages, I can speak French arabic and Urdu fluently and can also write in it so I contacted the channel manager and heres what she said. Personally I thought she was being a bit harsh but that is besides the point.

If you can’t see the video, you can’t work on the series. If you aren’t already a QC, a lot of new series can’t be worked on. Could I suggest you look at Reply 1988 or Healer? I am the Channel manager there and they don’t have subs in Urdu. I think some or all episodes may already have Arabic. I don’t have any audition for Arabic or Urdu and will just accept your word that you are competent in those languages. Take a look at those series. Or, look at the list of completed series on my profile. I can put you on any of them IF you can watch the video.

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about 1 hour agomaimoona7861_834
Ok, to become a QC I need to have contributions so I can’t not do these unless I am granted permission by the channel manager ergo please can you allow this for me.

SO please can you give me advice on how to solve this issue.

I’ve already messaged you, but I just wanted to answer on here as well:

The CM is right in this case: you need to be a QC (or have a Viki pass) in order to work on the newer series. It’s just a fact.

The best way to start out then is as a subber, since you don’t need a requirement for that (except being fluent enough in those languages), and then switch to segmenting. :slight_smile:

Again, I would suggest the Ninja Academy, so you can learn how to segment properly. This way, you can work on a lot more projects and be sure that you won’t annoy the subbers :wink: And, if you do your work well, you’ll likely get invited for other projects by the CM’s or other team members.

Good luck!

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Why do you think such a thing? She just told you that dramas are licensed for some countries and not for others. So if a drama is not licensed in your country, you can’t see it.
This does NOT depend on the CM, it’s an agreement between Viki and the content provider (the Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese etc. TV company which sold the license to viki)
That’s why she said “if you cannot see it, then you cannot work on it”. It’s an obvious fact, it’s not being harsh at all.
However, in some cases, the license allows QCs to see dramas even if they are not licensed in their country. If you’re not a QC either, then you can’t work on them, period.
Rather than harsh, she was helpful, she suggested other series if you cannot work on that one.

She also stated the obvious, that not understanding Arabic or Urdu she has no way of checking whether you’re good or not, so she’ll have to assume you’re good anyway. You could be making lots of stupid grammar mistakes or you could be a genius writer and awesome translator and the CM would have no way of knowing either way. It sucks, it’s a sad fact for all CMs. They cannot know all the languages in the world.

What in all this made you think she was harsh towards you? She gave you an option to work, although you’re completely new and wasn’t recommended by anybody.

Again: if you cannot see a video it means it’s not licensed for your region. You obviously didn’t understand this, that’s why you replied asking her to allow you to work on it anyway. The CM cannot unlock this for you. (I have heard it was done by viki - not a CM - in very few special cases for Korean-English subbers, when a series was in danger of not getting translated). And she cannot make you a QC, you’ll have to do this by working on older dramas which are viewable in your region.

Listen, I’ve got an idea for you. Why don’t you go to Help Center and read EVERYTHING there is on volunteering? I think that most of your questions would be answered. If after that, you still have more, then we’re here to answer them all!



I have been given a role as an Arabic moderator for Mistress the K DRAMA

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