QC Gift x Press Gift

I don’t know about you all, but it feels like more and more viki is wanting to get rid of us, volunteers.
This is the picture of a drama influencer (I don’t even know if this is the right name for it) who has an instagram page in portuguese and just talks about dramas. Viki sent her this press kit. Amazing, right?
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She is not a volunteer, so we can imagine what great gift Viki has for someone who spends hours here helping for free. It should be like this or even better, right?
This is what we got for the winter trimester. A gift card that CAN’T be used to buy things, is exclusively to be donated to a charity.
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Is that their way of saying we should just skidoodle?


It’s nice that viki is trying to promote the platform, but is so unfair that we, volunteers, receive this kind of joke. They could at least give us the gift card with free use, they could have the option to donate, maybe I would think about that, and maybe even do it. Not them making me donate the money to a couple of charities of their choice.

I don’t want to sound selfish, because I’m not like that at all. But they should give us some kind of value, not treat us like nothing. We do this because we like, but of course that we like being thanked for our work. Not us receiving so little for all the work that we do, and those influencers that do nothing besides talk receiving those kind of gifts, we should at least receive as much. I know that they promote the platform for more people to use it, but still, I think that what we do is more challenging and hard than that.

Am I wrong to ask for a little of appreciation? I don’t think so!


Donate to charity is great, but only if you can do it willingly. I thought the gift was yours to do what you want with it, after all, it’s our time, our effort, if I want to spend it with other things I should have that right. If Viki wants to help charity, they should do it under its own name, but no, they’re more concerned to spend money sending gift boxes to influencers, why didn’t you send them the same things I got as a volunteer spending all my free time here to get a bag I won’t ever use and a mask that doesn’t even fit my face? Nice move to use your volunteers as free walking advertisers.




Tbh, I’d rather appreciate these snacks as a QC gift than a mask that doesn’t even fit my face.

I started to think Viki was becoming more engaged with us volunteers - bringing new features, frequent subathons, staff joining the Discord server, and what not.

Was all of this just a way to compensate for the lack of their presence with us and the plan to use us as their advertisements?


I hope the problem with the gift card in this case is just another bug in the system.

I can´t believe that Viki would do such a thing of “give” you something and force you donate it. I love the idea of donate, but it is something that you do spontaneously .

Please @amm11 @amyk @giant_sean @fsl_viki @vikicommunity check this out!


It makes sense. They probably give a gift to influencers just a few times a year but Viki volunteers are so many. They can’t afford to give us better gifts.


I would have loved if I got that as a QC gift.
It’s almost my 13th anniversary on Viki so…:smirk:

And a gift to donate to charity… nice idea but you can only choose those 3? How stupid if you would like to donate it for an other charity.


50 people every 3 months and once a year more than that. How much a box like this must cost? 20-30 dollars? That’s not that much at all. They charge the same as Nxt that pays employees for the subs. If Viki really can’t afford that, they are on the verge of bankruptcy.


Dear Viki Community,

We apologize for the confusion this may have caused. The gift card is supposed to have both a Visa gift card and the charity donation option. We are currently looking into this matter as quickly as we can, and appreciate your patience. We’ll keep you posted once this is resolved.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention,
The Viki Community Team


You forget the price of the shipment which depends on the weight of the package and the country. In the early days of Viki, the gifts were better. It’s only with time that things changed. I assume it’s because there were more and more volunteers.
By the way, I don’t think we can compare Viki & Ntx on a financial level. One makes billions.


I fully agree.

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No I don’t. I just don’t think a company that is worth millions (from net worth alone on Instagram) can’t afford a simple box with a couple of treats.

I’m not asking for the moon here, just a little more than a small bag and a mask I can’t use because it’s crooked and doesn’t fit my face.


I would like to point out some other things botering me about Viki gifts.
My first point is on topic, about the money that Viki has:
In my case, Viki spent 300 reais (60 dollars) just on shipment fees to send me the crooked mask and the bag (which were cheap), something I fiercely complained about on my personal social media - that’s an exorbitant amount of money here in Brazil to someone young and poor, like myself. Also, I live in a capital city in Brazil: you can imagine how much they spent to ship to the people on the Amazon region or other “remote” locations. And they gave no choice to choose a gift card for a smaller amount of money! If you can afford to send gifts to travel worldwide, money is definitely not the problem here, just management decisions.

My second point is the following, kinda off-topic:

So, they spent 60 dollars on those lazy two goods. Worst than that, on shipment fees only. With that much money, I could maybe even buy the things the influencer has received. Heck, I could buy groceries with that (which in Brazil are rather expensive). I could feed my family with those shipment fees! My main complaint (that I wrote about on the first paragraph but didn’t say much about) is that they could just have, via gift card, given me those 60 dollars or even less and I would be so happy.
As simple as it seems, the circa 20 dollars they gave for the annual gift for 2020 were actually so helpful and I’m so grateful for that. It was 113 reais, but it meant so much because it’s so much money for doing voluntary work! I was thrilled. And it’s 20 dollars, some people have that as weekly allowance. I received 20 for a year’s work.
I’m sorry, but I’d rather have the money to use on the junk I like rather than have something low-quality-eco-friendly that I barely use shoehorned upon myself. And that costed way more! And I suppose I’m not the only one: dollar is such a powerful currency nowadays, who would want a crooked mask instead of that? Maybe some people do, but would’t it be more democratic if you just gave the money anyway?

But anyways, I don’t mean to seem mean spirited and petty. I learned to enjoy the mask and the bag sincerely, I just would prefer to have something else - money, for that matter. Drama lovers around me love the bag, but praises do not fill my belly like 메른 소다 or insta 김치 would.
I also don’t hate Viki, I’m actually thankful it helped me get out of the hole I ended 2019 inside. I love subbing: even if I started doing it for the subscription, I learned to be so fond of it that I’m actually changing my undergraduate course to be a professional translator, something I wouldn’t even know existed without Viki opening this door for me. I love the community, I love the dramas, I discovered I like Asian languages as well. Viki means a lot to me and that’s why it’s so frustrating knowing that this woman who barely knows anything about dramas is receiving more appreciation than I am. Maybe that’s how cheating feels like. Or maybe capitalism.(Don’t blame me for being dramatic now, I watch kdramas, okay, what did you expected?)

And I would also like to add that that girl is NOT a drama influencer, she’s a Chinese teacher with no involvement with dramas whatsoever. Preposterous!


@vikicommunity, thank you for your quick response regarding the gift card. It is sad to see that lately a good number of volunteers are more disgruntled than happy, often for a good reason. I already mentioned it in another thread but I truly believe an organization as big as the Viki volunteer community could benefit from hiring a liaison who can focus on all volunteer-related matters.

“Volunteering means coming forward on our own, without any constraint or pressure and offering oneself or one’s services for a cause completely free of cost . Volunteering is self-initiated by choice, unconditional, selfless, sincere and with no expectations of monetary benefits in return.” I do believe in the spirit of volunteerism and that’s why I volunteer both at my local hospital and at Viki even though I don’t have much to gain from either. There are a few differences that I’ve noticed in the way volunteers are treated at both places though.

  • At the hospital, there are volunteer services managers whom I can email, call, or even text to get an immediate response from. It seems that at Viki, many volunteers often have to wait days, weeks, or even months to get a response.
  • Although volunteering is done by self-choice, without an expectation of compensation, show of gratitude definitely helps since we are human. At the hospital, I am always thanked by the customers (hospital patients and visitors) as well as the staff. Each day I work, I am allowed a free drink (including Starbucks drinks). I get a card signed by all the managers on my birthday with a voucher that can be used at the cafeteria or the gift shop. Volunteers have an annual dinner where those who reach a certain service milestone (100 hours, 250 hours, 500 hours, etc.) are given recognition. At Viki, volunteers generally receive more complaints than gratitude from the customers (viewers), and the organization does little to show their support for the volunteers.
  • Self-governing may work for small organizations but for organizations with thousands of volunteers, such as my local hospital and Viki, it often causes internal friction.

??? Mine had gift card options for several stores. OR charities OR Visa gift card. I picked Amazon cuz I use amazon all the time.
I am in the US. Does your location matter?


Dear Viki Community,

The gift card issue is now resolved, and all recipients have both gift card and donation options.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding,
The Viki Community Team


Good to know this, but what about the box with fun things to fill our belly with?


Based on the market cap, Rakuten is worth approximately $9 billion as of today. It is involved in many services in three major segments: Internet, FinTech, and Mobile. Unfortunately, Viki is only a small part of Rakuten. NFLX, on the other hand, focuses on the entertainment services and is worth approximately $85 billion, even with the recent devaluation.


Nice to know

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