QC gifts 2019 not received


Good afternoon,
So I filled out the form before the ending date but I never received my package. Is anyone in this situation?
Who can I contact to get it?
Thank you in advance,



Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I don’t even know if someone received it. I didn’t received mine and I talked to some friends who also are QC and they didn’t received it either.


The QC newsletter said the following:


Thank you. I didn’t see that whereas I usually receive QC newsletters.


Thanks to all of you! And I didn’t receive this newsletter either…


one german mod/ subber received the qc newsletter to, but i didn´t get it.
i just got the one with the new inbox


This is the same newsletter informing us of the new inbox.


she said this now too.
but i didn’t get this. i received what you can see

1 2 3


Okay, now I found it, sorry for bothering you


I didn’t receive that newsletter… That’s weird. I checked my mails but I don’t have it.


didn’t get newsletter either this time, I’ll go complain in help center again, it has something to do with softfail, your email inbox… do you regularly delete emails in your email box (not viki). They should have sent it to vikimail or did they??


Same. No news letter, and my QC present didn’t arrive either. Since three years ago, if it helps…:))


Didn’t get the news letter either as far as I can see. To bad the QC gift is delayed but hopefully we will receive it soon.


With all the things going around us worldwide, it’s only normal things get delayed here (we haven’t received regular mail for 3 days now. I’m in US for those who don’t know). In a city that never sleeps, and for this to be happening, not getting the QC gifts should be the least of our worries.

We must also be considerate to Rakuten Viki staffers that has to be working under such stressful conditions. Complaining so much would be so inconsiderate on our part and I apologize to them on my part. Maybe in the part of the world where you live at, nothing has happened yet, and we are thankful for that but just the fact that so many are suffering so many dear loved one’s loss, is enough to let this go for now. We need to rethink our priorities. Do we keep busy to forget what’s in front of us? But can’t we do in a more caring way and let some issues go for now so we don’t add pressure to our dear Rviki staff?

Let’s put ourselves in their shoes, and also give them rest/a break, until all this nightmare goes back to normal. Inbox, project finder, Rviki crashing, (it’s a miracle it’s still working) since NEWS are, we might also lose the use of internet services bc everyone can get sick, no one is exempt of this disease (children, younger people, workers are getting covid 19 too). So far they holding on but my internet is really bad and I’m thankful so far Rviki site still on …for now::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: for them, and let’s cross our finger that we can be here too. Let’s show love and complain less FOR the time being.

Thank you Rviki’s staffers for YOUR HARD WORK! Volunteers here included, too!
May you and all of us worldwide, enjoy good health through this scary trying times.May those who lost a loved one finds comfort and can keep going during this awful trying times.



This is what I got (It’s several images, so the sizes vary between them).


@bozoli the last 3 of your pics I didn´t get. from channel art till the end is not in my mail. i told the viki stuff, maybe the next one is correct. it´s not the first time this happened


No, worries about the QC gift.
But I and others had an issue about not receiving QC letters before it was fixed last year. I did get one and now I didn’t, seems like this problem is back again.


I am also very thankful Viki is working. Many thanks to those who work at headquarters and even the subbers!


@teufelchen_netty_266 @lutra @bozoli
you can add if you wish in the community forum (help center) your issue so that staff will also fix you email blacklisting which happens not sure for technological reason or your own email provider… soft bounce… you can also perhaps google that.

Back then it was said to regularly delete old mails… but strangely exactly a year ago it’s happening again.


@simi11 bei mir weiß man schon bescheid. und ich bekomme ihn ja, nur nich vollständig