QC gifts 2021 - sender email valid?


That’s terrible. But the package is your property since you are the recipient. Why is there any need for privacy? I don’t understand that part. If you explain to them that is your package, and give them all the information of the sender (RViki) where is coming from with details that is evidence enough the package is yours. Privacy should apply if I ask about someone else package, but not your/my package.

Still haven’t gotten any tracking number yet… I’m in Canada.



Can’t you call your local post office to get an idea of what’s up?

I received an SMS to upload KYC documents, the instant I did it, I received my tracking number. Did you check your SMSs?

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Has anyone from Finland gotten their gift or even received an email or something? :slight_smile: I still haven’t gotten anything.

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More info here:

continue to comment here and not there, thanks.

I believe they wouldn’t do that also in the States :joy: Also if there is no such package there is no such tracking number…
But the US postal services did find a letter from my mom upon my inquiry at the local Post Office, it flew off the sorting machine :rofl: (That after 1 month)

Can you give me more detail on that? I’m breaking my brain here trying to figure out how a package that is your Property can be considered a privacy law for the receiver of this say package since you have ample knowledge of the sender’s information, and what you are suppose to receive since you are the ‘‘owner’’ of that said package. It makes no sense to me.

Sorry, I don’t know enough about this law to explain the finer details and how companies are supposed to adhere to it to avoid paying fines. All I know is that most companies limit the information they give out without being able to verify exactly who you are (and even if they can, in certain instances they still can’t give you the information).

Also note that most of our contact is online and not through the phone, which adds another risk to the company.

I don’t mind that they do this, as the chance of my information getting used in a scam becomes much smaller (they have happened / happen a lot). And usually my packages show up or I can contact the sender.


They give fines, too? Wow the Postal system there must not be too secure, if that’s the case…You are getting the package by a mere miracle.:rofl:

I was referring to companies in general, since the privacy law isn’t just for the postal service, but for most, if not all, of the companies / businesses.

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Not just companies and businesses, my student association also had to adhere to it.


I forgot to add (other type of) organizations :sweat_smile:.

You are right, all types of organizations have to comply


We have strict laws and regulations regarding privacy of citizens in The Netherlands and the EU. That’s why the whole cookie thing had to change online a few years ago.


Ik heb die van mij ontvangen als post niet een pakket. Ik denk dat ik hem daarom niet in de postnl app zag.


mine was supposed to reach by today… still no news about it as of now.
are we supposed to recieve any notification prior to the delivery?

I just got mine. This is the first time I got a gift from Viki and I’m very happy. The gifts are so cute! Thank you, Viki!


Can people just tell us here in which countries they had already recieved their gift ? Just to let’s my hope growing ! (◠‿◕) I’m in France.


In the Netherlands some have gotten their package


I’m from india, i got my gift.