QC gifts for volunteers


I have received it today too!


great! Maybe I will get it today too!


Got my stuff almost two weeks ago and didn’t have to pay customs. :slight_smile:


I got my stuff, after one month, but who cares if they were late? :slight_smile: thanks Viki!


Hi, anybody can say me when a QC volunteer is supposed to receive the first gift from Viki???


It’s once a year so if you didn’t have the required amount of contributions before counting day you won’t get it. If the next year you made enough contributions for the year you will get a gift.
It used to be called the end of year gift so this can be considered the gift for the work we did in 2016.
Ohh and please be aware you need to maintain the QC status you have, it can expire.


Thank you very much…So if I started to subtitle in April the end of this year I will receive my first gift or the end of 2018?


Somewhere in 2018, depends on Viki, wether or not you applied for it and if you meet the requirements. So just keep volunteering and eventually Viki will let you know if you can get a gift.
The QC gift is different every year and this is the first year it isn’t Viki goodies.


Dudie, is not the first year. In 2015 we also got some vouchers/coupons for the Viki store. I mean, it was virtual as well.


@danylor I know but it was still Viki goodies. I didn’t order anything back then because it felt weird that I had to throw away money and pay shipping or go over budget and pay shipping.


Same here. Didn’t ordered. I still have my Viki t-shirt from when I became a QC back there. :slight_smile:


Seems weird to say “I have a gift for you, pay to receive it (with shipping costs)”. I prefer a lower actual buying cost and covered shipping costs. For example, I’d rather receive a rose for free than pay to receive a bouquet. :slight_smile:


Ohh the very first QC gift? I didn’t apply for that because I found it weird Viki wanted to send me something for free… yeah I know…:sweat_smile:


Yes. They said it is for becoming a QC. I didn’t knew what it means Viki gift then. I don’t even remember the year… maybe 2013?


I’m trying to redeem my coupon, but the website says my coupon has expired though I have only now got to use it. What should I do?


You just need to put a new topic under “Bugs and issues”!


Hi @liarx46,

Thank for your inquiry and we’re sorry you had trouble with the coupon code! I’ve looked into it and see that your wrote into Help Center and we were able to resolve the issue. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Viki Community Team


Thank you. The new coupon worked just fine. Thank you for fixing this for us.


wait you got a notebook?? :frowning: i haven’t been getting any gifts…and I’ve been QC since 2009… T.T whyyyyyy meee


When did the gifts go out? I’ve been QC for a couple months now.