QC gifts for volunteers


I was just wondering if they are still a thing. Has anybody received anything, like, ever?


not this year and Im wondering the same thing, the little note book from last year is very handy. I’d really love a T-shirt or a baseball hat alike :heart_eyes: rather than a fabric bag and stickers :wink:
@glykeria there must be another thread about QC gifts, just use the search box, I believe there should be some pictures…


The last thread was from a long time ago, almost before my time in Viki, so I was wondering maybe if us newer volunteers will not receive those things.



I heard will get a digital gift this year… not sure if it’s true.
My last year QC gift got lost in the mail :frowning:


I’ve seen the thread, it’s about gifts from 2015 delivered in 2016. Nothing since.


I hope it’s not “free Viki Passes for your friends”…


so sorry for you @dudie, you certainly deserved it, sadly mail gets sometimes lost, I remember an Easter gift traveled almost 5 weeks from Europe and all I found a broken Chocolate bunny in thousand pieces… but I’d really love a tshirt :slight_smile: what better marketing is there… another idea would be to send just the iron on design sheet and I could just iron it on any tshirt or pillow or whatever :heart_eyes:


I then missunderstood “before my time”, sorry :sweat: since 2016 mail “nada mas”…:anguished:


It just goes to show how dramaland has influenced all of us. Time is a fluid concept. :slight_smile:


It’s been I like two months since I received a mail asking to verify my email account since again :unamused: it’s going to be a digital gift. But I haven’t heard anything.


I just got my QC gift. It’s a gift certificate to YesStyle. I’m a little disappointed. I’d rather have had something from Viki’s own shop tbh. Still, it’s 30 bucks, so I’m not knocking it.


Good thing I didn’t place an order at yesstyle last week. Let’s fill my basket again soon :smiley:


I haven’t received anything. I’m a little disappointed. :crying_cat_face:


It’s possibly they’re staggering the emails so the site doesn’t get overwhelmed. :slight_smile:


Let’s hope so.


I just placed an order earlier today… Such a bad timing :sweat_smile:


Me too, I was trying to place an order last week. So happy I didn’t!


my email on IE won’t open all what’s in the text, I can only read the code can be used towards any order and covers shipment but I couldn’t read or see what the value is that viki is offering… fee a bit lost but it’s not viki’s fault… Anyone?


The rest of the info is in image form, so if your email client blocks images, maybe that’s why… Basically, info is as follows:

  • If the code starts YS30, then its worth 30 USD; if it starts YS20, it’s worth 20 USD.
  • Must purchase from YesStyle account. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to register.
  • To waive shipping fee, select Premium if in US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia. If not in those places, select Standard.
  • One coupon per order/customer, and cannot be combined with other coupons.
  • No minimum purchase, but coupon is one time use. Whatever you don’t use, you lose.
  • Expires 31 Dec 2017.