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Idea: a badge for people who share their Viki Story (in details) or a badge if their story is published in the next QC mag > people might be more enthusiast to share their Viki story.

Also, does somebody know which month Viki’s birthday is?


I didn’t get any email again… I don’t understand why… waiting for reply in bugs and issues. (I get all other emails) :scream_cat: - It looks like I’m not the only one who did not receive it!!
Thanks for the link Piranna :+1:


Odd, neither did I - but I have been on the email mailing list before. Who knows.

Still waiting for whatever they took all the physical addresses for too - whatever gift they are sending has gone by the way of outer space?


Maybe, this year will be like last year, it was during May 2017 that people began to receive QC gifts :slight_smile:
I didn’t give my address, but someone that I know (I’m a little paranoid).


I gave mine and I’m so paranoid :sob:

Oddly enough, I don’t remember receiving this newsletter. I’ve never missed one since becoming a QC…


Weird! Maybe if you have a gmail, it can go in junk file or social media or promotions (depends on gmail parameters).


Viki contacted me about the issue. Apparently I wasn’t subscribed to the newsletter :sweat_smile:


UPDATE: For those who do not receive or have not received sometimes Viki’s Newsletters even if your settings are correctly set, please write directly to Kristie an email so she can investigate the issue.
Apparently mine was “blocked” for soft bounce google it. You can also read a bit more here:


interesting. I’m told I was “not subscribed” but I used to get them. anyway - I will look into it. Then again, maybe someone should just send it to me HERE< instead of my email…so I would definitely get it, right?

my email gets a lot of things from places around the world, and spam too - courtesy of the way viki has been LOGGING ME IN on you tube…that’s sure what it looks like when I log onto viki now. no other site does this and I do not have an auto log in there. Matter of fact…yeah I don’t log on there much at all right now. :slight_smile:

anyway - there’s enough weird around here to write a C drama, K drama, and for real adventure, a USA “experience” blogger site!

Crunchy Dieter Donut…er…“Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut”…“Coughing Cheesecake Eater, Hidden Editor”



For links: click on the pic


Love it:

I want to hear about Kristie and Camille :stuck_out_tongue: Our saviors and kind of our only contact with Viki.


I’ve made a ticket for not receiving the QC Newsletter but it’s been a week already and they haven’t replied.
@piranna could you please upload the April newsletter when it comes out?
I’m not sure when they’ll reply to me. Thanks lol.


@officialchengyud I suggest to use the bugs and issues under the community section within the help center.
It is faster than the ticket. I had the same issue and here is the link of that thread, perhaps you can add your comment to it and Kristie can look at your profile to see what’s happening, make also sure in your account settings you have selected to receive emails. Good luck!


Sure, no prob.
(anyone can actually :slight_smile:, I don’t always get the time to be on Viki Discussions)



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One more time I did not receive a QC letter.
In addition, I looked up my account and it says bill update on 12 April and my counter tells me 97 days … Am I thinking too much or does it look fishy to anyone else?
I didn’t receive the QC gift from last year either, even after the trouble with filling out the form. I wasn’t that keen on it, so I didn’t contact Viki about it. Something just doesn’t seem to run the way it should.


Have you ckecked your spams or junk or promo mails? Some viki mails are automatically put in the promotions file for me.