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Not going to change email that went wrong before.
No, I contacted Viki, but replies are … Ommmmmm, patience, lots of patience.

Do you mind writing me the sender. I would check, to see if there was anything in the past months. Summer or autumn I stopped getting QC mails, then came the QC gift “accident” and then a Viki team member verified my mail address for me. And after that I get notifications again, but no QC news letter.


The survey is ambiguous on some questions:

  • If you had to pick one, which channel role do you consider your main one? *

1.Some volunteers aren’t able to pick one, have to be multiple choices:
Mods are automatically editors in some languages.
Reasons: lack of competent editors or editors
And as a mod, apart from subbing or editing, you could be bored if you don’t do anything.
(My pov: moderating, the word means what it means)

2.some cumulate subbing, editing, moderating (and other roles) on a same projectd

3.“Consider” and “main”, past or present or future?
The main in the past was subbing
The main in present is managing (main activity in term of time and work) but for that there was segment checking and subs checking in the process. The guidelines of a manager tasks are enough permissive to let freedom in doing that.
But it depends on the week: like if I’m busy, i sub a little or i don’t sub. If I’m not busy, I can sub so the main activity becomes subbing… I can’t predict this one, I’m free a s volunteer to sub many ep one week so I can focus on other activities the next week, and then come back 1, 2 or many weeks later to continue subbing.

The main in the near future: the end of this year => subbing, editing, moderating, checking segments considering projects I have until the end of this year (+managing if the fan channels are licensed or not restricted).

=>in fact, on each project, ppl could have different roles: project 1 you are A, project 2 you play B, etc.

So this question I had a little pause before answering it.
Main in term of time and/or quantity of subs? How do you evaluate? We could pick different criteria and in the eyes of different people, the criteria we pick are not what they would ahve picked for themselves or for us.

  • Do you design channel wall art?
    Yes and no? Not my main acitivity and if I was asked I would say no, but if I had to do it because I have no designer, I’d make one (happned already).
    So what to answer?

  • What is the primary language you use as a volunteer? *
    => to communicate in managing or on this forum: 99.9% English
    => when I’m not busy in real life and can sub: French
    If checking subs: English or French

=> @irmar how did you answer all these questions? You speak many languages and so volunteers in many languages?

For other volunteers, they could be in the same situation.


Sure (I hid my email)


Thank you, Piranna! But I have nothing infact I had my last one per email in Dec 2017. OOps. But I know that they changed the setting and you could no longer on get this or that news. Either all or nothing. So I did all, but got nothing. Except advertisement, the one thing I did say yes was because of the newsletter. Anyway now I will have to wait for Viki reply.

I did take the survey, as the link was there …

For position I went with what was most in my history so many channels of contribution are gone, so moderators job it says the most. Yes, this time there was no space to put in your thoughts. And it is as it is in most cases for other languages as a mod you can become it all, inclusive subber (for movies around a thousand subs I can do that much), page designer (Did it 2-3 times) and even editor. My newest job would be “virtual leafleting of information how Viki is working in the comment section”, cleaning ahjumma in review section. But that is no role at Viki, right?

With the language, I was like, yeah, I communicate most in English, but when I subtitle I will use German.


No problem, hope they can solve it soon for you.
Idk if there’s a parameter that can automatically block an email received from someone, like “blocking” a call from someone because we picked the option.

At the end of the Viki mail, there’s an unsuscribe button to avoid receiving newsletters. I don’t think you have clicked on that before.

Good luck!


You were faster than me, I edited my prior comment.

Now, Viki is telling me I did reply 3 times to you, … @irmar Do you feel neglected, Viki tells me how a great discussion works … LOL


You’re right about no ticking square for QC news
I think it is included in the 2nd square


I didn’t give it too much importance because I understood it’s a joke. So I just put what I’m doing most now, that is editing in English.


why don’t they just put a copy up somewhere, say that link that leads to these places mostly volunteers go.

I still don’t get them, I think I’ve had on the order of 2 since Sept 2016.

That is, if they actually want to spread information.

Untouchable Dueling-Qianlongs Crunchy Dieter Donuts


April 13 2019

Spring subathon

Join spring subathon now form:

Faq spring subathon 2019:

Covers promo:


Those 4 cute piggy badges :smiley:
I want them so… I’ll go for them!

Thank you for sharing this.


well, yet another newsletter that didn’t arrive. oh well.

so…this is in addition to the current deal where everybody is running around for the current prizes and you have to sign up?

hmm. Thanks for posting it, guess I’ll look at it if I can find it here somewhere. :slight_smile:

You are very thoughtful as always, Piranna


Hi! It seems that even if the Spring Subathon 2019 finished long time ago, I didn’t received my badge even if I have more than 1000 subs for it. I opened a ticket and no reply for a long time now. Somehow the subs lines that I did are not taken into consideration for my QC status either, asking me again for another 500 more contributions when I had more than enough… I don’t even know who to ask about these matters. Thanks!



There are official threads tickets and private ticket.
It’s best to open a private ticket when I read your problem (if it’s not already done).
If you want to open a private ticket:

If you remember the dramas you contributed on, maybe that can help.

->You can send them again a message in the same ticket when you see it’s taking some time (a few weeks).
Depending on the problem, the answer could take +/- longer.
Some tickets are solved in a very few days, others opened for months and for them to take longer, it’s because they don’t have the answer or they can’t provide something that will satisfy your request (have to ask extern people or asking engineers to work on that or create something new). So it’s still opened, waiting.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Revive this topic?
If we must … I apologize for talking about this trivial matter, but I want Viki to still be its best and to conquer this crisis, for the staff to keep their jobs … We all are busy in our lives and some take their private time.
To delay every problem because of the virus, I don’t believe in such a solution either. Most of us still have to do their work somehow just the trappings might differ.
So on that note I will just say, I hope everyone can face this crisis and do his/her best.
Today I saw a very moving video of a German baker and he ended his endearing speech with: “If you can be anything in this world, be kind.”
I try to be kind, I try to support the people I care for and I try to help the shops I usually go to, so they might still be there, when this crisis is over. Viki at least still can do business, we don’t know if all Viki staffers can do “home office work”, but it would be nice. Anyway @vikicommunity Stay healthy!

I didn’t receive a QC Newsletter and so did others, I don’t know if it is related to the new inbox, this is the reason, why I revived this thread.


I didn’t receive it too the last one was in January 30th about the project finder…
I got all other message in my inbox but not the last one. Where was it supposed to go, my viki inbox or my normal email, and what date was it sent, was it perhaps erased with the New Inbox swap, since many mails got deleted…
there is a tread at community help center from a year or so when I brought up this issue and it was fixed, something about softfail… when it’s sent and the email address for example gmail bounces it back or something… gotta read about it again so I will reopen the thread tomorrow, I’ll send the link here and vice versa.


Same here, that’s the last one I got as well.


bumping the thread here as well, add your name in the help center if you have issues with Not Receiving QC Letters!!


Hello everyone,

Thanks so much to @simi11 for bumping up and calling attention to this. We recently switched our email service provider and we need more information to troubleshoot this.

You can help us by answering this quick survey. We are gathering the details and will find a solution to this as soon as possible.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued patience and support.