Quarantine recipe recommendations?

Now that it’s quarantine I’ve started to cook more so I’m just looking for new recipes and dishes to try, Feel free to recommend anything, I like foods from all countries :slightly_smiling_face:
Here’s a few I recommend:



This Kompot seems yummy! I tried a lot of Kompots in an ex USSR country. Pretty good! A fan of it. Love their soups, too. Really healthy food. Even their pastries like Pirozhki! Love it!

These sprawns look delicious.

If you like coffee, the trend for this quarantine is… Dalgona coffee from South Korea! Everyone is talking about it recently and a lot of cooking videos on YT:

(Be careful on picking instant coffee for this recipe, I heard it was important)

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Personally I’m not a fan of coffee but I want to try dalgona matcha latte. I feel like it would be really nice. Also I grew up in a Russian speaking country in a Russian family so that’s why I like cooking Russian food.
I’ll be sure to try your recipe though, my sister likes coffee :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t tried these yet, very tasty:

Edit: am I the only one seeing huge pictures of the links?
Edit: Ooh, it got fixed :slight_smile:


I really need to make hotteok again soon and oh my I did eat so many twisted donuts when I was in Korea. Yum!


:raising_hand_woman: Same here! The coffee makes me awake for long hours and can’t sleep early!

It’s so great you can eat and cook Russian food! I really love their cuisine :slight_smile:

Having very ripe bananas and apples, I tried this recipe today, it’s a Weight Watchers cake with apples and bananas (30 minutes from weighing ingredients, peeling and cutting by hand and add more time for the oven). I like that there’s not much sugar or butter.

It’s in French, but maybe you can use google translation. If you need more details, I can explain in case :grin:


Ah Piroshkis! I haven’t had a piroshki since I moved out of San Francisco! I can’t find them in Idaho. (Making me so hungry! :stuffed_flatbread: [They don’t have a piroshki icon]) :grinning:


I just finally made general tso. its so good, I didn’t add the sugar, and is still tasty!

cabbage soup with polish keilboska, didn’t have potatoes, but this worked! nope no cornbread either
but still good
now later fried cabbage w polish keilboska, not sure I am spelling that right.


Oh! I just found a fantastically tasty squid recipe EASY TOO! :kr: Tastes so good! It doesn’t take long to make it either.

Here’s a link (I know we’re not supposed to have links but this recipe is GOOD! and I didn’t want to take credit for his recipe) It’s way better than calamari. :it: :smiley:

The only thing I cold not find in Idaho is big squid. All I can find here are little ones so I just stirred the little guys up. I added slices of colorful (yellow orange and red) grilled, mild chilis. It’s very pretty that way. All the other ingredients are easy to find. Oh! And it tastes great with chicken too!

Oh! This recipe is medium hot. :hot_face: :boom: But I like spicy food. I grew up eating spicy food so heat is normal for me. But then again, if you are not accustomed to chili, you may want to go easy on the chilis. Reminds me of one time - one of my grammas, :sweden: she was NOT used to any kind of heat At All! I watched her waving a hand in front of her mouth complaining that the tamales were too hot but there is NO HEAT at all in tamales, just flavor. lol So anyway, as one of my moms :puerto_rico: used to say when plopping down a plate of something furnace hot in front of me. “Here, Burn your worms out!” :rofl::laughing:

Oh, And it’s so fun to eat this in front of squeamish friends and relatives. Nothing is more fun than to bite some tentacles and wiggle them at your ‘victims’ - uh ‘objects of affection’, to watch them recoil in horror and terror! :rofl::see_no_evil::laughing::rofl:


yeah, something you have never tried before, squid? octopus? squeamish here, but why not? I’d give it a try,
Porkypine90_261 please explain Piroshkis


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty, haven’t had any strawberry milk in quite a while!


another way would be a strawberries smoothie, just put a handful strawberries in a food processor or blender add milk and voila, pour in glas or bottle container if you want to take it along :heart_eyes:


and there it is, strawberry smoothie! delicious! I got strawberries, got the milk, hey why not! now going to make it in a bit! thanks for a hint,

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For People who like seafood dishes bc they don’t consume meat.

Recipe for octopus spanish/hispanic style.

1 decent size octopus
White vinegar
Italian dressing
olives and capers included (Goya preferred)
red pepper(medium)
green pepper (medium)
Large white onion (sliced)
purple onion (medium size/sliced)
Pure Olive oil (Goya preferred).

In large pot add plenty of water to cook the octopus until it’s very tender (don’t leave it hard/ al dente). Make sure you add some salt to the water. When the octopus is cool, peel off all the black part of the skin and cut in small pieces (if you leave it too big it will be too chewy (ugh I don’t like that) lol

In a large bowl add 1 cup of vinegar
2 cups of Italian dressing (I prefer robust taste dressing)
Add the large sliced onion
Add the medium purple sliced onion
Add the green and red pepper cut up in small square pieces
Add 1/2 of the bottle of the olives, capers a the juice of the olives.
Olive oil (to your taste)
Mix well and put cover on bowl and refrigerate well.

When the octopus is soft, cool it before you add it to the other ingredients MIX well and let stay in the fridge overnight before serving (it will marinate and absorb the taste). We call this octopus salad/ Ensalada de pulpo. We do this mainly for large dinner parties/ Religious holidays.

Enjoy; and I hope you like it, if you try this recipe.

PS. I do antipasto salad exactly the same way (minus OCTOPUS of course) You need to find a big Jar of Giardiniera, add the ham and different kind of chesse (mozarella, yellow, swiss). The ham you can mix in regular ham, salami and even bologna but no turkey ham ugh)


I just made me a strawberry smoothie!

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today cabbage soup I kinda made it Americanese & Germanese the cabbage of course, potato, garlic, ginger, polish keilbaska,celery carrots, salt Pepper, I am not sure if I want to add diced tomatoes or not.
about ready for lunch!!

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It’s a Russian meat filled pastry. There are also vegan versions. You can find Piroshkis in San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Oregon and Seattle areas. Anywhere the Russians settled or traded. From Alaska down to San Francisco. :slight_smile: They are very tasty.

The one in the picture looks like beef, onions and dill.


I made 2 days ago about 4 zucchini breads… was a lot of work sind I haven’t baked for a while and I usually reduce sugar and I replaced a bit of sugar with birch sugar (xylit) and used coconut oil and used 3 eggs and probably put in a bit more of zucchini since I didn’t want to throw it out… it is still for me a tad too sweet since I don’t sweeten things like coffee and tea, but cakes taste and look good. :heart_eyes:

I didn’t have the long cake form so I did just round ones… it’s a great healthy cake you should try, you can add walnuts like I did… somewhere else I read she added a chopped apple… hmm, let me know how your cake tastes :wink:


It even looks good! thank you for sharing

simi 22 I had a recipe for zucchini bread a long time ago. It was so good. can make a zucchini cake too. I printed out a copy, thanks for sharing

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