Question for a CM - RESOLVED THANKS!

Hello! I have a question for a CM.

I need to change a part to end at 1:40:15

How do I move the part?

Thank you!


If you’re the CM, you can go to the manage page and on the top left you see all the timestamps. Delete the one from the part you want to move and type the new timestamp and click on add or create (I’m not sure what exactly it says and I’m on my phone now) :sweat_smile:


Thank you! I figured out what my basic problem was! I suffer from stupidity blindness! :laughing:

I was entering 01:40:15:000 instead of 01:40:15.000. Just added an incorrect colon. :sunglasses: Maybe I shouldn’t wear sunglasses, indoors… at night… in the dark… :blush: :rofl:

Thank you! :moneybag: :gem: :birthday: :cherry_blossom: And to keep the vampires away… 🧄! Unless of course, you LIKE vampires… then give the garlic back. I am out!