[QUESTION] How can I know when a new episode has been uploaded?

Hello Everyone! I don’t really know who to ask this question so I’m posting it here in hope that a good soul will help me. I’m finally part of a channel team and everytime I am too late to segment an episode and so I end up with no parts available to seg, the question is: how do you know when a new episode has been uploaded? Is there a notification that I can turn on so that I know the exact time a new episode is up? I subscribed to the team discussion thread but I don’t receive any email when someone makes a post, I’m having problems with disqus sigh

You should take note of the show’s airing time, do the math to find out what time this corresponds to in your country. One or two hours later it’s uploaded on viki, so 1,5 hour after the airing time go and check periodically. This is what we all do when we segment.
Some CMs send a p.m. to segmenters, some don’t. But even with a p.m., you have to be on Viki anyway.

This is another thing I wanted to know, anyway I’ve already done the math and somehow still managed to be late lol thank you so much for explaining it to me! :relaxed:

The thing is that we never know when an episode is up these days. In the past we where able to predict it better. Episodes where usually up between 5-6PM or something but now one day it’s up at 4:30PM and the next day at 8PM. It sometimes even happens that episode 13 is up earlier to seg then ep 12 when there are 2 eps a day.

I usually ask Viki if they can give an indication so I know around what time it should be up… but often times it’s up earlier or hours later. In my teams I mostly have someone who notifies the seggers and subbers but… sometimes the one who notifies sees it late and then the segging is already done or almost done.

So if you want to seg for sure you have to check the channel regularly on the airing day starting from 2+ hours after it finished airing in Korea.

Thank you so much for the tips!! :kissing_smiling_eyes: