[Question] Segment Length


A break down:

segment 2.5s (speaker 1 + speaker 2), segment 1s (speaker 1), segment 5s (speaker 2)

In the case of a short dialogue (1s) following a long dialogue (5s), would it be better to let the 1s stand alone as a segment?

Let’s say there was a short pause 1/3 of the start of the long dialogue, would it be a good idea to adjust the segments so the short 1s is in a segment with the 1/3 first portion of the long dialogue?

Note: Before the 1s segment, there is a 2.5s segment has two speakers even if the dialogue sounds like “Hi senior” “oh,” it’s still two speakers.

It depends on how short the pause is, how significant the 1s sentence is and how much of a surprise the long one is. Sometimes you don’t want to reveal too early what is going to happen next. Most people will put the 1s with the pause on its own, especially if it’s a significant pause (about 1 second), but there is no hard and fast rule.

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So it sounds like short dialogues is often segmented by themselves between 1s to 1.5s. I tried not to do this and pair them up with other short dialogues. I really hate it when there is a short dialogue in front of a long dialogue.

This was posted 225 days ago but what I want people who may read these subject to be aware of, that depending on the language those short segments or longer segments will make more sense when a viewer is looking/reading the subtitle in English in a Spanish drama for example.

I noticed segmenters tend to cut segments the same way they do it for all other language but when it comes to certain language (Spanish for example) not only it looks terrible, it doesn’t sound right when we subbers are writing 3 words only bc it means we are cutting a sentence midway. EXAMPLE:

            El dijo que (segment 1)
           He said that

          Angel siempre estaba  (segment 2)
         Angel was always

        cuidadoso cuando trabaja. (segment 3)
        careful when working 

There is a segmenter that in a Spanish drama cuts the segments like this: Just because it has pauses and the segment seems very long (6 seconds long).
Meantime I have 3 segments that could easily be just one bc it is, one sentence (no matter how long the seg seems to be 6s)

What works for Korean or Japanese dramas when segging does not work for Spanish dramas bc of the way they carry their conversation.

The short pause is really one sentence; Example.
¿Qué dijo él? This can be as short as 1s to 1.5s
The actor is saying: What he said? (Yes, that short second said all that)

I think that different rules of segmenting should apply for all different language.