Recommend More Web Dramas or Short Dramas To Me!


I really LOVED Yunho (U-Know) in the Web Drama "I Order You"
I am currently watching High End Crush
What other Web Dramas do you like on Viki?

I Order You so GOOD


I’ve been with K-dramas now for more than ten years, but I still fail to tell what a web drama is, only if it has some 10-13 minutes episode …
Anyway, I had to look it up using the not always accurate Viki filter
This one you should know:

and this one has some nice moments

Dramaworld from Viki is categorized as a web drama as well …


Well, it’s a drama that was never aired on TV, but only streamed online.
I know, for us this makes no difference.
Usually it is:

  • short
  • with rookie actors who can’t act to save their lives
  • preposterous AND repetitive cliché plots

With very few exceptions. Here are the web dramas that I liked:
Wednesday 3:30 PM
Queen of the Ring
My Only Love Song (not on Viki)
Romance Blue
Kiss Goblin
Choco Bank is not really good not really bad. Nothing to write home about, but since the original poster doesn’t seem to be picky, she may like this one.

Short dramas (not web dramas) are a different pair of sleeves. You find many gems there.

Amore mio | 아모레 미오 (Drama Special / 2014.11.07) in 4 parts
Baek Hee Has Returned (2016) – 4 episodes
Ballerino (2014) 2 Episodes
Puberty Medley aka Adolescence Medley (4 episodes) 사춘기 메들리 - (Drama Special / 2013.07.26)
The Page Turner (2016) – 3 eps

And of course the KBS Drama Specials. One-hour video films, short and sweet, mostly unconventional, well-written and well acted.
Viki has a number of collections of them
Romantic Comedy drama specials part 1 (warning, the title is all wrong, some of them are sad)
Romantic Comedy drama specials part 2 (warning, the title is all wrong, they are all love stories but not comedy nor fluffy, many don’t end happily)
Unexpected Life Drama Specials
and so on…

If you don’t mind Japanese content, a recommendation could be:
Osaka Loop Line (2016) (10 25-min episodes) Be warned, many of them are bitter-sweet, not the best endings.


@irmar Queen of the Ring seems no longer at Viki at least the link does not work for me.
I remember watching a web drama some years ago that I liked but don’t ask me anything about it - my mind is blank.


I have watched Kiss Goblin it was very CUTE


I have to say Yunho for me! Is an AWESOME actor and he is also a singer. I love “I Order You” I thought it was a great short “web” drama! The scenery in this was outstanding. Some clichés but I actually was surprised by some of it and I shouldn’t have been but the writing and acting was good.


Oh, that’s too bad. I had kept it in a document with everything I’ve watched.

I haven’t watched that one. I am wary of web dramas now, after watching so many that were utter garbage.


Well, if you watch it let me know what you think. (1) I have a thing for Idol Singers and he is one (2) he plays a chef & the food looks so yummy (3) I like cinematography and it has great scenery. So see what you think! I liked it very much! But I like really flirty characters! The new one I’m watching High End Crush he is a domineering CEO which I also like and find hilarious so maybe I’m weird.



Oh YES! I love that actor Yoo Seung Ho from I Am Not A Robot! I forgot about that one.


I may have mentioned this one a time or two (sarcasm doesn’t translate well in print :grin:) but I’m going to suggest Splash Splash Love, and I also liked Gogh, The Starry Night

Personally I loved Choco Bank, it was really cute, I might be biased though since Kai is my favorite in EXO

There are a few viewer collections with webtoons, I think I follow a couple if you want I can look them up.


Yes, Splash Splash Love :heart_eyes: and:


If you want to torture yourself… I just started watching Nightmare Teacher, and even though it’s a web drama I can’t watch it in one sitting, there’s way too much tension, I need something funny for a bit.


I have watched Noble My Love I did not like it and I love SUNG HOON! I didn’t like his character at all. I have Revenge Note in my watchlist Thank You I didn’t know it was a web drama. I like these shorter ones makes me feel accomplished.


Only 3 episodes out so I haven’t decided if I like it or not yet. I normally don’t volunteer for web drama but I joined the English team for this one because of Jung In Sun, Hani, and Kang Min Hyuk.



You might want to change the title as for looking for short, really short dramas. Page Turner aired at KBS so it is not really a web drama, like these ones.
I remember it as short, can’t access, so I don’t know.


They have it labeled as Web Drama on Viki


This is a mini-drama (only 2 episodes).


It has a high rating have not watched it though, don’t get me started on the Viki categorization …

I don’t recall at the moment who mentioned this one first, but even by Japanese standard this drama is short only 8 episodes, I found the story refreshing and an interesting take on today’s society.

Japanese dramas are usually shorter than other Asian dramas.

This one is a bit weird from the Western view