Recommend More Web Dramas or Short Dramas To Me!


I have added “I Order You” to my Umbrella Collection! Great rain scene! I will check out all these others to see if we have umbrellas or rain!!! :umbrella::droplet::open_umbrella::closed_umbrella:


Kiss Goblin was my absolute favourite, this one isn’t as good, but it’s cute enough to be that ‘fluffy break’ in between angsty dramas.
The thing I like about most short fluffy dramas is that you have to just switch off your brain and accept the sweet icing that they’re stuffing down your throat lol


Haha that’s a brilliant description of fluff / filler dramas :joy::joy:


the only reason I watched it was because of “Veronica Park” but ofc I was completely disappointed :roll_eyes:


Here is a new one



I don’t think those were mentioned.
Have not watched them so far, just found them on the search for something else.


I think I read somewhere that you randomly look for content in the search function. Hope you are the one, well I do that too, because I see at one glance it’s available to me or not, not like in the explore function.
So I found these hope we didn’t mention them already again I have not watched any of them yet.


Just found not watched yet.
Summer is a time for me to watch more short dramas, less time because of the garden.


Are you a flower gardener or a vegetable gardener! I was so hyper vigilant last year with my plants. I did get some romas and my flowers were so pretty but I have been lax lately



just started watching, not even ten minutes in but I HAD to share it here :joy::joy: i found the premise so funny and the way that the marriage happened so hilarious that I now reallllly reallllly hope it continues to be good. It’s my first ever Japanese drama and also the first short that I’m so invested in, so I have high high hopes :sweat_smile:


so I just finished it…what do I say it was icing, icing, icing all the way, not a single total-angst scene, everyone is resolved in one or two episodes and they are FOREVER sleeping with each other it was the death of me I’m a girl bred on k-dramas and TW/J-dramas have completely culture-shocked me :skull: why on earth was it rated 13+ kdrama would NEVER-- anyways, the story was pretty cute and the actress was REALLY cute and the whole thing was as fluffy, sweet and sugary as cotton candy. it’s funny, the main couple basically has ZERO filter; the word subtle has never been in their dictionary, and half the setting makes no sense but that’s exactly what short dramas are supposed to be. Japanese is a cute language…the word kawaiiiiii has been drilled into my head now.

in the end, I spent that almost-seven hours scandalized, terrorized, second-hand embarrassed and then dying of cuteness :joy:


Did I miss what you were watching???


My guess is In-House Marriage Honey - because I started it too and well yes. It reminds me a bit on, was it Coffee and Vanilla or something like that, but this one has a better flow at least and yes they are cute and yes I am not the fluff lover per se, but it’s a short watch so no regrets.


I call Coffee and Vanilla “50 Shades of J-Drama” but I love the male lead


Yes, I meant In-House Marriage Honey…

it’s so fluffy! I kept on waiting for some bad character to make an entrance, something to go wrong, maybe he lied to her…absolutely notHING. every single character was good good good creepy good good VERY GOOD good kawaiiii good good creeeepy good


That sounds like something I need to watch to see if it goes in my Sweet Dramas collection or my Romance without the Bit@hes collection. I like a good bit of fluff now and then. :slight_smile:


I remember this one as a sweet drama, do you know it?


No, I’ll have to add that to my ever growing watch list too.