Recommend More Web Dramas or Short Dramas To Me!


50 shades 50 shades of J-Drama! bahahahahahaa! But it’s still pretty clean usually!


Oh my, In-House Marriage Honey was total cuteness. Complete fluff, and not a rotten woman in sight. I am often irritated how Japanese female leads are written, (simpering & whining) but she actually spoke up and didn’t drag out her worries and imaginings for episodes.

Thanks for the suggestion @vivi_1485 . :heart:

@lutra now I’m off to go look up My Dear Lady next.


I hope my memory doesn’t fail me. You might want to try something like this too, if you have not watched it already.


is so CUTE and I love Daddi Tang


Love is Sweet


glad you liked it!!


I second the motion for “Caution, Hazardous Wife” - a great James Bond kind of groove going there, and a drama that surprised me with its excellent intensity when I only expected it to be frivolous.

If you want a good short drama - actually it’s so good that you’ll likely be as disappointed as me that it didn’t extend to full-length - watch “A Sharply Graceful Girl” (“Hannari Girori no Yoriko-san.”) It takes place in Kyoto and involves a journalist on assignment from Tokyo who bumps into a girl in a tobacco stand who ends up serving as a kind of guide to the city. It leaves you wanting much more but it’s a great story while it lasts. Weirdly, it appears that Viki has axed this drama?

A third pick I’d recommend is “Your Home is My Business” (“Ie Uru Onna,”) which stars Keiko Kitagawa, who was phenomenal as the heroine of the detective thriller “Tantei no Tantei” (which was on Crunchyroll before that site abandoned live-action dramas, and which - ahem! - Viki should add to its lineup.) “Your Home is My Business” is a comedy with Kitagawa-san playing a weirdly single-minded real estate agent who says (truthfully) that “There’s no house I can’t sell.” It’s actually laugh-out-loud-funny throughout, but her character is admirable at the same time.


… has no license for my region …

I think I tried about 2 episodes, I couldn’t go past the yelling, apart from that it had some nice aspects but well I guess I am not made for this drama at the moment.


Maybe try “Sumika Sumire” if you haven’t already seen it - it’s 8 episodes and a good story.


I think I watched it some years ago, I have trouble with memorizing Japanese drama titles, but I think I remember that age thing … Fantasy is not my first choice but I will look it up later, if it is the one I think of.


This has REALLY short Eps!


But was it good or worth the time?


Yes same here , because that looks interesting :open_mouth:


I guess we did not put it in here but it has only 12 episodes roughly 1 hour long. You want mystery, thrill, suspense, crime, a reason to use up your tissues? Try it, is all I can say.
I had no regrets watching it.


Ratings are pretty high for this - I have not watched it can’t say anything about it’s quality - each has 20 eps all togethter 5 hrs of watching time

I think it was not in the thread until now. :wink:


I’m finding The Sweet Blood hard to watch because the acting is so bad! And the buy with the bright red lipstick, so hard to take it seriously. If you don’t want me to take it seriously, then you should at least make it amusing/funny!



Anyone tried or watched this one - 12 eps long 1 hour episodes?

What are u guys watching?

I’m finding the acting and writing pretty bad for The Sweet Blood. Plus, I’m not finding any of the three male leads particularly attractive.


DRATS no good


I think acting is not that bad, but the plot and the pace of actions… It’s weird sometimes, like someone just took random schemes and put them together without thinking too much. The scenes are cut in a weird way or too long and the actions of characters don’t make too much sense for me.
It could be a good story, if the directing was better in my opinion.