Recommend More Web Dramas or Short Dramas To Me!


A Chinese drama under this topic, is it even possible? It is 8 episodes full amount of time needed roughly 3 hours.
If you need some distraction after watching a long drama, this might be something for you. No body swap but a face swap, be ready for a fun watch, if you are familiar with my preferences you might know that this isn’t my favorite trope anyway I enjoyed it and appreciated the short duration.

What to do, it was already posted normally there is that annoying warning, about somebody already … When you need it, it doesn’t work.

So, if you want to know more about it, read what vivi wrote about it.

Found another one, I don’t know why it gives me French vibes, maybe because the ML is an antihero at first glance. I have not finished it yet, but it seems entertaining in its own weird way.