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So… I started watching Doramas recently, I saw only 3. Heirs (first I saw) then I watched Kingdom (I like everything that has zombies, so I really liked this one, positively surprised me) and the third one I recently saw Mad for Each Other, that’s what I liked the most, it’s very light while tackling some very heavy subjects.
That said, I would like to ask for some recommendation, I am in a mood of romance, so preferably romance, but it can be of any genre, I would like some in the style “Mad for Each Other” nothing too childish or silly with those scenes that are repeated 30 times just because the guy took the girl’s hand, but also nothing to shed rivers of tears. Something light with comedy, that classic romance of the couple who fight and love each other or something.

Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!
Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!
Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!

hmmm… A lot of dramas fit into this category!
If you don’t want to cry at all, only light comedy with a hate-to-love plotline, I’d recommend

This one is an allegory about human touch with deep meaning but the whole thing is pretty light, romantic and funny throughout(hate-to-love):

Park Hyung Sik from Heirs is the ML in this one… it’s got slapstick humor but pretty good with the romance plotline:

This one is a medical/military rom-com. I loved it… it’s got some sad scenes but everything gets resolved within one or two episodes so you won’t really cry for very long.

If you want something with psychiatrists:


Normally, that is what you name dramas from Japan, but no worries, you will learn as you go forward.
Not what you asked for but since you like zombies, I thought I should mention it.

As for light romance:


A dorama from Japan:

Then I highly recommend this one, you rarely get romance and detective and that all with a beautiful cinematography all in one … Sigh, it’s rare.


thanks for the recommendations, some i read the synopsis on netflix and elsewhere while i was looking for a community where i could ask those who understand haha.
Crying isn’t exactly the problem, the show can have its sad moments, I just don’t want something very sad all the time. At the moment I’m in the mood for something light


oh i’m so sorry. But yes I will try to get the correct names over time.
Thanks for the recommendation. I didn’t say but I also like things with detectives so “zombie detective” put the two together.


This is my #1 drama and I think it has a RANGE of comedy - melodrama - romance - tears! Everything

Great Rom-Com

Great Rom Com - With Some Serious

Rom Com with Crime

Rom - Com with some serious and thriller elements - I loved the couple’s chemistry

Funny Funny Funny - Different Concept -

My first drama with comedy that I watched

Hard for me with tears thing - I tend to cry with most of the dramas!
Wok of Love is a MUST and try Good Manager


Thank you very much, I found some very interesting especially “Suspicious Partner”


You will love Ji Chang Wook - Wookie - Look at his Healer, K2 etc not all rom coms but he is a fabulous actor

And not detective but he has the coolest job - sound production - its a rom com but not as much comedy as some but one of my favorites is Another Oh Hae Young and maybe again more crime not rom com but Lawless Lawyer


I’ll look for those too. don’t necessarily need to be rom coms, it’s just because “Mad for Each Other” got me in the mood hahaha



Romantic/comedy Nothing like Mad for each other but you will laugh bc it has great funny parts.

If you want to watch more great modern zombies dramas watch ALIVE and SWEET HOME and TRAIN TO BUSAN they are both awesome to watch! I have rewatched them twice already bc they are that good. I put request on them but don’t think it will happen.

Train to Busan is here at viki


You may or may not like this one - alien - some thriller issues - she is over the top but I love her.

And she is also in this with MINHO

Have you seen City Hunter did you say you had - not available on VIKI?


Thanks for the recommendations, this is one I’ve already been looking at.


Thanks for the recommendations.
About zombies, I’ve watched Train to Busan (1 and 2) and Alive. but I’m going to look for a sweet home.


I highly recommend
I just finished it last night its in my top ten shows


Woo Do Hwan! :heart_eyes:



You gonna love it! Be prepared to jump out of your skin. It has funny parts too that you can’t help laugh. Let me know how you like it. I’m talking about Sweet Home. That young cute boy does an amazing job in his role. (NTFX)


I just recently finished Mad For Each Other and loved it - one of the few dramas I was willing to watch while in progress, partly because we got three episodes per week but mostly because it was so good. Since the three dramas you mentioned in your original post can be found on that other streaming service, I would recommend you look for Lovestruck in the City there as well. It’s a rom-com with more adult themes, so you won’t find cheesy, tropey cliches. Another would be Run On, which is also found on the other site. It’s mostly light and fun/funny. You have gotten lots of good recommendations for things here on Viki as well.


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