Recruiting: ENG to CHN editors or translators for Do You Like Brahms?

嗨 大家好,我叫小荷。 我正在寻找能翻译英文到中文的人。 我需要一些人帮我翻译或者帮我修改翻译这部韩剧 《你喜欢勃拉姆斯吗?》。而且,我非常想要尽全力写最高质量的字幕。我觉得自己写的话,我就丢掉很多成长和明晰的空间。我不太在意你的中文水平有多高,只要不差的太离谱就行了。毕竟我也是在美国长大的,所以我也有很多学习的空间。希望我们可以互相帮忙。我们一定会玩得很开心,考虑一下加入吧!

Hi everyone, my name is Lotus, and I am looking for people fluent in both Chinese and English to help me translate or edit the KDrama Do You Like Brahms? from English to Chinese. Also, I am doing my best to make the best possible Chinese subtitles, and I can’t help but feel that if I am all alone, I am losing opportunity to grow and create better clarity. I am looking for a few people to help me out on editing or subbing. I’m not super concerned about your Chinese proficiency as long as it’s not too outrageously nonexistent, especially since I grew up in the USA and also have lots of room to improve as well. I hope that we can help each other out. If you join, we’ll have lots of fun together. Hope you’ll consider joining!

MUST have VikiPass Plus or else you will be unable to have access to the drama

Please PM me on Viki at Lotus012 or comment here if you’re interested in joining. I never use this though and am not super sure how to use this, so I prefer if you PMed on Viki.


Hello! I sent a PM to you! Hope to work with you soon ^^

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Hello, I can help to sub from English to Chinese as well :smiley:

Hello, I’m very sorry, but my team has already completed the drama. I am somehow not able to update the post. However, if you’re interested in joining other English to Chinese teams, I can help you find some. Please PM me if that’s the case :slight_smile: