Recruiting for Taiwan Drama Backlight Lovers

Hey all, I’m just wondering if anyone would like to join my one person team (atm) for Backlight Lovers? you will of course be credited!! :smiley:

It would be even better if those who agree would stay on for my other chinese projects (planned) though I do mainly the ones that are less popular…if not it’s all good!

Recruiting: Segmenters, chinese to english subbers, english editors

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Hi! I can help you segment Backlight Lovers.

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thank you~ that would be great :smiley:

I can subtitle English to Spanish if you still need one.

I can help with Eng-Spanish Subs… If your team is not full…Feel free to contact me!!!

I can join your one-man team as a Chi-Eng subber or English editor or both. =D

thank you for volunteering everyone! I shall contact you~ :grin:

I would like to support on chinese - spanish!

Hi I would like to help with chi-eng subs and editing as well! (:

envíame un pm! if you wanna be part of the team;)

envíame un pm! if you wanna be part of the team

I have pm’ed you =D

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so after a long hiatus, this drama is back on track. if anyone would like to help out with seg/sub chinese -> english please pm me or comment below.

Hello! I´m able to translate English to Spanish subs, if you´re interested? i hope not be late :stuck_out_tongue: