Recruiting greek moderator/s for some kdramas and movies

Even though I am not the channel manager for these series(and movies) I believe they deserve to be subtitled into Greek.
Unfortunately I can’t take them as a greek mod myself because I have too many projects I am working with at the moment.
So take a look at these and if you like them pm the channel manager and ask to be put as the greek mod. (this is coming soon)
Thank you in advance
best wishes

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I just started working on Bing Goo as the Greek Moderator. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a bit scared of subtitling on a Korean drama (had only worked on an English Movie and a Chinese webseries) but your file with the guidelines, that’s floating around the discussions, is a life saver. The whole formal/informal to ενικό/πληθυντικό ευγενείας isn’t as hard as I expected either. :smiley:

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Thats great to hear. And if you have time after you finish then check these as well that need greek subtitlers:

We always need more helping hands.
Thank you in advance

Thank you for your kind words.

Updated list of movies and series without a Greek moderator: (inactive mod for more than 3 years)
ttps:// mod for more than 4 years) mod) mod) mod) mod) mod)
and some more but I am tired now to fill them in


Ανανεωμένη λίστα με σειρές διαθέσιμες στην Ελλάδα που δεν έχουν Greek moderator

 mod) inactive mod (inactive mod)
When I have time i will look for more.
if you find more just let me know and I will add them. So please when you are looking for a new project look at this list.


Ανανεωμένη λίστα με σειρές χωρίς greek moderator


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