[ RECRUITING ] Korean/Chinese drama " Century Couple "

To help this drama to get licensed, fill out this form https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/
The show will be aired on November.

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For the record, you should wait until your channel is at least approved (if not licensed) before actively recruiting a team. I’ve seen at least one other pending channel for this drama, so just know that you may not get it.

Thanks for the reply ! But i searched on Viki, and didn’t find anything… It’s been few days, so i’m waiting for an approval. Are you sure it’s the same drama or it’s because the name is different ?


Their channel is also pending approval, which is why it wouldn’t come up in a Viki search.
It’s just that their channel was submitted first, so generally, their channel will get approved first (if it gets approved at all).

Oh, thanks ! I saw that. That’s right.
I’m going to tak with the channel manager of the channel so that he/she be aware of this post at least.

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