Recruiting moderators, subtitlers, and Kor-Eng editors for Korean movie "The Throne"

Hello everyone!:slightly_smiling_face:

The Korean historical movie “The Throne” got licensed. The expected start date is July 24th.
The Throne
We’re recruiting language moderators and subtitlers. We’ll need Kor-Eng editors as well.

Languages that have already a moderator/moderators are:

If someone is interested in helping subtitling in a language that has a moderator, please contact your language moderator. If there isn’t one, kindly PM the channel manager.

We will be happy to have you on the team! :blush:

Channel Manager Mary Christophidis

Hola estoy interesada al de español

Hi! You can send a message to the Spanish moderator.:blush:

I’m a bilingual in korean and english. so if you need a korean to english editor then let me know!

Okay, since you’re new here, let me explain. When you see a recruitment post,

  1. see the date it was posted first. It was 27 days ago.
  2. read the first message carefully. It says the film is expected to be on Viki on July 24th. What’s the date today? July 8th. The film has been up for two weeks.
  3. Click on the link and see the cover page. Do they already have a Translation editor? Yes, they do. See:
    Chief Editor: signsofserendipity
    General Editor: sunset_vermont
    Translation Editor: seungshin

They have all three editors needed.
Most important:
4. Has the project been finished?
Again, look at the cover page: The FILM IS RELEASED!!
“released” means that the English is fully subbed and edited, and is ready for translation into other languages.

Generally, new dramas and movies coming on Viki start recruitement for the English team right after the Channel Manager is chosen and the whole thing is completed within a couple of days. Of course it’s not always so - especially if it’s an older drama or movie - so it’s worth doing the checking, just in case.


oh, ok. thanks! I had no idea and I started volunteering like, yesterday. That helped a TON! I’ll be sure to check next time!

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