Recruiting segmenters and Chinese-English subbers for Fabulous 30 (Taiwan Drama)!

Hey everyone, I’m the channel manager for the drama Fabulous 30. It came out a few weeks ago and I need some help. I got the license for the drama just today and starting tomorrow the videos will be up, so if anyone is interested feel free to send me a pm. Thanks!

Count me in to seg it if you want : )

Hi, thanks. I’ll add you to the team.

Would love to help out as a PT:Segger. ^___^

Thank you!

hi, i’d like to help you…
i can do some chinese-english translation :smiley:

Hi I’ll add you to the team

Hi I’ll add you to the team. You can start subbing whenever you have time.

I can also help segmnet! Let me know .

Hesto!!! I’m so glad to see familiar faces again…errr… I mean, familiar usernames.
We have BJW on boat already too!! Let’s have a ppppaaarrrtttyyyy…

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Hey, I’ll add you into the team.

Hoooray! People I know!

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Would like to apply as Indonesian Mods if the position still vacant.

Or as Eng-Ind subber will do too. :smiley:

Hey - I’d like to help with Chinese to English subbing if you don’t mind. :smile:

Hi, I’ll add you to the team as an Indonesian moderator.

Hi, welcome to the team. I’ll add you in.

can i help sub to indo also?

Yes you can, but for now I want the episodes to be fully subbed for english first.


But you type my username wrongly. You missed the “u” letter though (it should be ukepoet).

Hi, I would like to help translate and edit subtitles :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ll you to team as a subber and editor.