Recruiting Segmenters and English Language Subbers

Hey there, I need segmenting help and English Language Subbers for Dance Academy. I’ve got 50+ episodes ready for action.


What kind of language is the drama?

It’s in English, I need to have it segmented, then subtiltled in English , before other languages can be subbed,

I have one Spanish subber waiting in the wings, but, he can’t help me segment. I am working on 3 other segmenting projects along with this one and can really use the help. I don’t know how to sub beyond the one-liners. Let me know if you want me to add you on.
if you can segment go right ahead, I should have another 12 episodes to add by the end of next week.

I can sub. but what’s it called?

Dance Academy, it’s in English Language, The link I found for episode 1 has been segmented and can be subbed in English . the other 40 + episodes need to be segmented, If you know how to segment, go ahead. I’ll add you on as subber tonight
T-Shae :smiley:

Don’t forget to favorite this channel so you’ll receive notice of new episodes.
Thanks again

Yeah I could help :slight_smile: I don’t mind! ^.^ Just tell me what I can do.

Hi I also want to help in subbing. :slight_smile:

Hello daemy 07, :smiley:
Go ahead, you can start with episode 2

If I’m reading this correctly, you’re looking for people to subtitle an English program in English? If that’s the case, I’d be happy to help. I’m an old school touch typist and type 90 wpm. I’m sure I could knock a few out. I don’t know how to segment, I guess I better watch the tutorial!

yes I am looking for people to segment and subtitle a series that is in English to English. LOL, it’s

been harder than you might think to do so, gather volunteers that is. Go ahead and watch the tutorial

for segmenting, test/practice on one of the news on one of the news clips (there’s plenty about Miley

or the Kardashians) and then you can start on episode 4 of Dance Academy. It’s an Australian

show that has 3 seasons and 62 episodes that are 24 mins long, season 3 is currently airing and will be concluded next

week. This is when I will be adding the final episodes.

Segmenting is something that is learned by doing so, I have plenty for you to learn on if you are up

to it. :smiley: . You can earn QC status if you do 2000 segments and get a cute little badgy thing, which

give added benefits on Viki. So go ahead , favorite Dance Academy (it’s easier to give updates and

progress this way), and get to segging and subbing. the only thing that I ask is that when you finish

segging an episode , leave a comment as to which episode and where you liftoff on the comment

section…ex. episode 2 seg to 12:25, this way the next person knows where to start. Any other

questions leave a PM.

Sharice aka shae_shae

Hello, I can also help in segmenting and subtitling!
Please add me! :slight_smile:

Hi! I can help you with the spanish subs, and also segmenting!
Add me n.n

Hi Shae. Please add me as a segmenter. I would love to help out. Thanks.

Go right ahead,let one of the Mods know you’re there. You can start with ep 11.

I can sub it to Chinese( Both simplify and traditional)

Oh btw I can sub it to English too haha cuz english is my main

Go ahead and start on Dance Academy,
Contact one of the moderators and let them know you are there and

um which episode? so am i supposed to sub it from english to english?

you can start English subbing episode 12, If you want to do a language other than Spanish start with episode 1, If you want to sub in Spanish contact Renelis_eliza on the channel and she’ll set you up with a team. Have fun