Recruiting segmenters, transcribers, moderators and subbers for korean projects

Hello guys!

I’m the Channel Manager of these korean dramas:

Both projects are HS, so we need transcribers for the english subtitles, and english editors.
Segmenters preferably Ninja Academy or Seg101 graduates.
Moderator for all the languages(Must be an active QC).
Subbers for all the languages.

Thank you for reading this, if you want to be part of the team please send me a message:


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Gye Baek was completed on Viki once before and Viki lost the license. This version came from Soompi with the hard subs. Viki should have the segments with subs available for you. You should ask, if you haven’t.


Thank you for the information, I’ve sent a message to Viki about it.