Recruiting Staff for I Will Never Say Goodbye

Hi everyone! ^^

I need staff members to help with the telenovela I Will Never Say Goodbye (Nunca Te Dire Adios)


  • Moderators (Preferably QCs)
  • Subbers (Spanish - English)
  • Subbers (Any language)
  • Editors

Contact me if you’re interested~
You can can also PM ngone8 (Italian Moderator) for Italian.


I can help you with Spanish-English subs :slight_smile:
I’m available in afternoons and weekends except Sat.

Hi, I can help you with the subs english-french. I’m available every day in the afternoon and the weekend.
Let me know if you need me :slight_smile:

Welcome to the team!
You can go ahead and choose a part from episode 1 to subtitle.
Click on team discussion and comment which part you want to subtitle before you start.
Thanks for your help! ^^

Welcome to the team, @aurelia_faust
There’s no french moderator yet, but you can go ahead and add french subtitles.
Stop by the team discussion first, read my post, and leave a comment before you start.
Thanks so much!

May I be the moderator for Romanian? I can translate from English, French or Italian. Thank you.

Hi! You can be a Romanian mod, as long as you’re sure you can handle it. I wouldn’t want you to feel overwhelmed.
You can go ahead and start subtitling episode 1, but make sure you stop by the team discussion first and read my post.
Welcome to the team ^^

Hi! I can help sometimes with the Spanish-English translation, although my Spanish is more porteño than from Venezuela and I haven’t actually spoken a word of it in years.

Hi, i can help you as segmenter, if u need :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest. Welcome to the team!
I’ll send you a pm~

Sure, welcome to the team!
I’ll send you a pm.

Thanks a lot, I am starting the translation, but I am waiting for your guidance. It would be my first time as moderator, so I would strongly appreciate your support.


hi! can help you with Italian-English