Recruitment of segmenters, editors and moderators for drama "The Screen Foxes"

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

My name is Mary and I’m the Channel Manager of the new Chinese drama “The Screen Foxes”.
The Screen Foxes
The start date is unconfirmed but will be within September. It has 22 episodes total launching at once. The show will come with English subtitles.
The allowed regions: Worldwide except for Mainland China, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

The team needs segmenters to check and review the existing segments, translation editor/editors (Chinese-English), general editor, chief editor, and language moderators.

We will be happy to have you on the team! :blush:

Mary Christophidis


Hi Mary :slight_smile: I would love to be your German moderator if the position is still free! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new role and you’ll manage it perfectly, I’m sure!


Hi, Marina!:blush: I’ve sent you a PM. You’re the German moderator for this series.

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Hello, I’ve subtitled dramas before and I’ve been on Viki for some time and even helped financially, but for months I can’t get any drama to subtitle.
Sincerely Rafaela Leal
email: [REDACTED]

You have to tell me what languages you know and your Viki account.

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Hello there! I am interested to be a segmenter also if you want me to make and Spanish subtitles, I am available!


For the position of a segmenter, you have to be experienced.
As for the position of a subtitler, you should contact the Spanish moderator of the series. I haven’t appointed one yet but as soon as I do, you can send them a message.

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I understand that, but there is not a Moderator of my languages yet </ 3
I know I don´t have experience to show but I am a fast learner!!

Tomorrow or the day after I’ll select the Spanish moderator(s). Once it’s done, you can ask them to join the Spanish subtitling team.


From English to Portuguese and from English to Spanish.

As I’ve said above, you should talk with the Spanish moderator when I appoint one (which is very soon) so that you can be added to the subtitling team.

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Thank you very much you are very caring and kind.

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oi, estou disposta a fazer a legenda inglês/português.

Hi! You’ll have to send a message to the Portuguese moderators so that they can add you to the team.

Hi, you still need segmenters for “The Screen Foxes”? I made it up to NSSA level 1, I am available to help you in this or any future project.
My profile:

Hi Mary, I am new here, not sure if you are still looking for people. I would like to help, either English editing or translation editing from Chinese to English. If you already have sufficient people to help out then not to worry. I will try to find another project that might take on a newbie.
Thanking you.

Hi! :blush:
All the editing positions have been filled. Sorry! :frowning_face: Maybe another time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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