*RECRUTING!* I need seggers and subbers for my new channel!

My music channel for 5Live finally got accepted… ^^
And i kind of need help ^^
The first video, which is their OST for ‘‘Beautiful man (Bel Ami)’’ is already on the channel… just not segmented or subbed, so please help me out here~~
Their predebut showcase video is also on the channel…
Help out in your language please~~
Please if you’re interested send me a PM ^^
I really need segmentors! Please contact me if you can help ^^
FIGHTING! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Oh! and also, if you need a danish subtitler, just contact me ^^

I can help you, but only one issue. I don’t know very good Korean and I don’t want to use a translator. If you want, after you find an English translator, I can help you with the translations into Romanian and German. Send me a PM if you agree! :smile:

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Yes! Thank you i will! xD Thank you so much! ^^

Oww… I’m willing to give a hand and I can sub in English from Korean but I’ve been on hiatus for a while now so I’m afraid I won’t be able to sub that much, especially on a TV show… Anyways, if you think having me on board is better than not, PM me to let me know so I can drop by more often to see if the videos are on yet xD

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その他の日本勢は、宮里藍と宮里美香が、ともに4バーディー・2ボギーの“70”でまわり、2アンダーの29位タイにつけ、上原彩子が3バーディー・2タイトリスト714 アイアン