Well suggest me how to recycle plastic at home for various purpose. Lets pledge to keep our dear Earth happy and healthy :hugs:


Here you go! Video is 10:19


That’s wonderful and amazing!! Thank you so much!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I absolutely rarely buy drinks in plastic bottles or glas, I use my steel thermos, I have so many.
As for recycling, I used newspapers in garden instead of weed fabric. And Gallon container and Milk cartoon as bird feeders. I made a iphone holder of the plastic bottle bottom, I grew some plants in plastic bottles but wasn’t very lucky.
YT offers so many project idea, some folk is really very creative!!


Just like Leerla mentioned, I also am experimenting with hydrophonics, (water planting)
I got 2- 2liter bottles that still have soda in them, I will use them for the planting, for the smaller bottles, I cut them about 3-4 inches from bottom and use them as plant starters, oh heres one, those big plastic coffee cans? use for yarn, which to me comes in handy, keeps yarn neat. and can be used to put other stuff in them, like buttons, needles(yarn) and other stuff.

and simi11 I will check that video out later. thanks!! and if you get on youtube, they have a lot of plastic recycling on there. and of course my favorite Google it!!!


I don’t know if it’s possible for you, but I try to order at shops that don’t use plastic packaging in their boxes. This way, I can just recycle the cardboard that they put in the boxes instead.

The plastic that can go in the recycling, get brought to the recycling. And I have some bubble wrap that I had from previous boxes before, in case I want to send something in for repairs or something that’s a bit fragile.

Projects like these seem like a lot of work… but fun, I guess? :sweat_smile:


you, my love, are taking the “fun” out of it… and note the boxes are the same, to recycle,


That true, but where I live (and I think most other places too), not all plastic can be recycled or the type can be toxic to reuse. At least with cardboard, most of it does get recycled, for example into the packaging that gets put inside of boxes :wink:. So I would say they aren’t the same :blush:.

Btw, I’m not shaming anyone for using plastic, sometimes you just don’t know if it will be in your boxes and sometimes you don’t have a choice and other times, it’s the affordable option. I noticed that after I switched to some companies that pay attention to their packaging for some of the things I need, I hardly throw away plastic anymore… because I hardly have any :smile:.

As for how I recycle cardboard - I either use the boxes or you can put it outside once a month and they will pick it up. Sometimes the neighbours will take some of the useful boxes home, before it gets picked up :smile::laughing:.


I put stuff in them like extra material I dont have space for, also yarn, yes I do recycle them. _ had to throw away a big box this last week, I hated that, cause I am a “hoarder” collect stuff, Oh I will be using that later kind of thing, and when you have a son to come by?? hah! he said get rid of it!!_ so there you go. so I have to watch what I do keep, and that includes toose plastic bottles, they do accumulate as well.


Interesting topic! :+1:t3:

That’s neat! I’d love to try that as soon as the right season comes around to purchase a couple of pots for replanting. I’m already salivating as I think of planting (as shown in your posted vid) cilantro, lemon thyme, basil and mini grace tomatoes, too. Yum! Actually, I’d like to try planting buttercrunch lettuce (so limited and expensive in stores) as well. I can eat that all day, everyday! lol.

Me too. But I don’t have “blue/green fingers” and so far I haven’t been 100% successful. Or I should say, it serves me right for not being “attentive” to those “babies” :tired_face: I’ll do better next time around.

So true! Creativity is contagious? There are so many on there. Simply amazing!

No doubt about that. A.LOT.OF.WORK. Fun? I guess some are fun while others are just too laborious to be fun. To me at least lol.


If you haven’t already, please sign a contract with your local garbage pick-up and recycling services. I’ve recently moved and I’ve been told to do so.
I’m still waiting on my bins, though… :sweat_smile:


We recently moved from a place where we could recycle just about ANYTHING in our road-side collection service to a place that barely allows us to recycle specific types of plastic containers, and we cannot recycle glass anymore. It’s painful to throw so much of the stuff away that I know could be recycled elsewhere.

This is slightly off the topic, but I’m curious if anyone has tried any of the new varieties of laundry detergent that come in the paper-like strips instead of the giant plastic detergent jugs? I’d really love to not have to buy those anymore, but I’d like input into which of the new environmentally conscious detergents may actually be effective.


heres a “Laugh for the day,” just for you guys!!

note #5 thats me!!! I did this just for our plastic recycling talks,

and cuttings? and seed saving heheheheheheh, yep thats me,

the smaller yogurt cups , outstanding for cuttings and all, the bigger ones also for bigger ones.
oh and you know those little kitty containers, excellent seed starters
and one thing, you get the seeds, put them in your pocket or pocket book and forget them?? been there and done that. y’all have a good night


Koreans are :dizzy:tops :dizzy: when it comes to :house_with_garden: residential recycling :recycle:
Video is 2:52 short (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:

Video is 3:41 short (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:

Video is 2:45 short (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:

Video is 2:27 short (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:


My mom does that too. In her case yogurt containers etc. are handy, because she usually gives away her seedlings. Her garden is full and she has interesting plants, so acquaintances, friends and neighbors tend to ask her for them.

If I do happen to have plastic yogurt containers (500 ml - 1 liter) then I store them in case I need to bring food for someone / someone wants me to cook something for them / I’m sharing stuff with neighbors. It’s easier to give them in a container that you don’t need to get back instead of figuring out how to return it :sweat_smile: :laughing:


see?your mom is smart! I also do the same thing, and storing food what a great idea, well my thing I also store crochet needles, or other sewing stuff in yogurt cups,

oatmeal containers too


heres another one, those egg cartons??? cut out the cups, great for starter seeds


Lots of ideas on plastic recycle :recycle: Video is 13:28


I like the gardening hacks, but growing food requires good light, sun and ideal temperature.
Last year, I had a little “garden” on my balcony and had good seedlings, early spring was very warm then in June it started getting cold, rain for 8 weeks and partially hails, so to some of my veggies I started growing I had to say goodbye… also finding good soil is where I am not that great… I also get this little blackflies infestation, they usually come with the soil… and I use a product to kill them but it’s impossible to kill them all… have to wait for spring to repot all my house plants…


These are so annoying :sob: I bought Stratiolaelaps scimitus and Nematodes, in combination with flytraps (and neem oil) to combat these annoying little things. It can be a hit or a miss with suppliers - you really need a good batch from a good supplier in order for it to work. This year I switched supplier and within a few weeks the ones I had inside of the house were completely gone :partying_face:.