check the one in “do you have plants” I put some stuff there for recycling, think you will like it


this hasn’t been opened for quite some time, but thought I would share, also its a ministry in itself, and gives back to the community, anywhere you are…

plastic mats for the homeless

  1. plastic bags (6-700) to make the mat
    2 cut them up
    3 connect them (called plarn)
    4 then crochet them together

time, energy, effort, a ,desire to help your community, giving back to the community, and helping others a ministry in itself

found the link.

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Plarn It! How To Make Plastic Yarn and free plarn patterns for crafters.Plarn is the craft of the day.

I hear you, plarn? What is plarn? Plastic yarn crafted by recycling plastic bags.

Definition Of Plarn

Plarn is yarn made from plastic bags. If you own a collection of plastic bags, and I know you do…. then making plarn is very simple and quick to ‘manufacture.’ Once you create the plarn, there are many fun and upcycle projects any knitter, crocheter or DIY er can make.

Although plarn does not garner an entry in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, technically plarn is defined as plastic yarn.

Plarn Projects

Indeed there are a vast variety of items which can be made into plarn. One of the most popular plastic yarn crafts is the crochet shopping bag. A wonderful plastic yarn craft, particularly for grocery shopping.

Your creativity and imagination are the only constraint as to what can be made into plarn. A few of the popular plarn projects include:

  • throw rugs
  • purses
  • wristlets
  • sandals
  • basket
  • tops
  • hats
  • costumes
  • wall hangings and art
    (Me) those things to put under plants, like those plastic dishes we put under the plants.
  • and my favorite the plarn mat

heres another , making baby hats

entirely different subject, but its recycle

this guy transforms tires into doggie beds

the link for the story


Neat idea, and artsy too! :art: :paintbrush: :blush:


that is a neat idea, so the water won;t drain off onto the yard!


Crocheting, and Plastic Recycling meet-up! :star2::dizzy::wink:

Share your crochet!

now this looks neat! I will look into this one today, boy the cd’s I can use!!


oh I did, now gonna work on it!!