RED SLEEVE WP & Discussion - Lee Junho - πŸ’œ SUN 30th @ 3pm


Have fun!
I wish I could rewatch like it’s the first time.

The Red Sleeve is def. going on my (unofficial) list of top 10 saegaks.


My Junho - Red Sleeves - New Year WP


Can we move Red Sleeve to 9 pm for Friday and Saturday???


You guys go ahead whenever is convenient for you. I have at least two lengthy phone calls to make tonight and will be out of town on Saturday so I won’t be able to make it. :frowning: I’ll try to catch up before next week’s WP


Will 9 pm not work even with your phone calls - are you being kidnapped again!??


Yes, one by my sister in MN and one by one of my BFFs who, like me works during the day. I will try to make it tonight but wanted to let you know that if I’m not there, that would by why. Sister always wants a 7 pm (central time) call and it hardly EVER ends before one hour has passed. Yes, we are very chatty. LOL!


Well I hope we see you in Red Sleeve - Did you watch it already???



Where are you!!! Did you forget us!!!


This is SO GOOD -
This has grabbed me out of my drama doldrums
I’m so Happy
And so Proud of JUNHO!!! LOVE IT!

On cloud 9 - With this HOTTIE


Interesting read about the father & grandfather.
Prince Sado of Korea - The Coffin King - Naked History (



sorry i couldn’t stick around for ep. 2.
i was smacking my face off the keyboard.
I’ll watch ep. 2 on my own here shortly so i can keep up.


Sorry, family time. My nephew came for a pajama party :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile:


So tonight we will start around 9:00 pm or 9:15 - I will be coming back from the gym
If for some reason I get caught up at the gym and don’t make it back in time
@my_happy_place will pull a new watch party and start!

I will post my WP in Events and here before I go!!!

This is LIFE!

He is so FIERCE in this!


Junho should wear robes and hair like that in his everyday life. I wouldn’t mind.



And let’s go shoot ARROWS!


Forget about catching a tiger, Junho is a Tiger all on his own. Rawr



But I swear in the opener that looked like a black panther - which is one of my FAV cats!


I love black panthers, too. They are so sleek and mysterious. I’ve always wanted to own an all-black cat.


If we ever played animals - I was the black panther - ALWAYS!!!