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TIGER JUNHO - Eps 3 and 4



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One GIF just because I want to say something about it…

When I went back and rewatched this scene, I remember seeing the flash, that we now know is San’s arrow, and wondering what it was.


That was a great quote from Deok Im in episode 4:
“We will always live in fear as servants.”

Some things about her I like. Other things, I wish I could change, like how she refuses to actually speak her mind half the time and just rambles when no one is looking. She only speaks her mind once she has permission to do so. I understand she’s a palace maid, and she’d probably be killed for saying such things, but I wish for a refreshing historical drama that goes against the grain, that stands up to shit like royalty.

I’m finding it really hard to love any of the characters in this show. There’s a lot of misunderstandings and secrets and plotting and revenge and too much hierarchy to count.

I sympathize with her a bit though. She probably just keeps thinking, “Please send me back to the library! Please send me back to the library! Please!”

I’ll finish it with you guys, but it really isn’t my cup of tea.

Another historical drama bites the dust for me. Sorry.


I was pretty frustrated with Deok Im at times but as the drama unfolds more and more I kind of understood her actions. We never got to see life of a court lady in other historical Korean dramas but this one opens up a new perspective.

My fav. character has got to be the Royal Guard. I wish he had more scenes but the ones he did have, he completely steals it.


I’m sad - I don’t know I LOVE LOVE it - I just didn’t like Red Sky AT ALL or most of Mr. Queen - This has me on the end of my seat - I love the story

But it is JUNHO!!! I went to bed with WARM JUNHO FUZZY Feelings last night!

100 Days My Prince was my fav historical I think this one is my new one!

The cinematography is so good I love the camera work and the little cliffhangers.

I actually like the FL and I thought I was gonna be JELLY - Can JUNHO look at me like THAT please - I just pretend to be her!



his eyes at the end of the gif - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOsa


The entire vibe of sassiness in that scene is just so… :fire:


He just GLEAMS! :fire_engine:


One thing for sure, Junho has bedroom eyes throughout the whole drama.

You’ll forget it’s riddled with political shenanigans. :blush::yum:


Geez, you guys. I wanted to catch up so I could join the WP later this week and now I’m on ep 9. I just have no self-control with this one. Tub scene with naked Junho chest in ep 6 and the beginning of ep 7. OMG!!! I love the ML and FL’s characters! He’s arrogant and haughty (in the beginning) and she is super sassy and not afraid to diplomatically set him straight. I agree that being a sassy woman during that period was dangerous, but man, it is so satisfying to watch right now. LOL!


You don’t know the self-restraint I have had to have!!!


@stardust2466_546 you coming to the movie!???


I fell into the Junho love trap after that scene too. There’s no way to stop watching it. I’d never survive the WP waiting week after week. The CP scenes are so yummy, there’s no crumbs left!


Yes. Looks like it will start in 20 minutes. :slight_smile:


Well, you’re a better woman than I am. Sorry, not sorry. I went rogue on this one and can’t wait for the rest of you. It is too yummy for me not to watch. LOL!
You may spank me and take my birthday away for my misbehavior, if necessary.


Believe me it is KILLING me!

But I want to have reactions with my PEEPS - and I am the REWIND QUEEN


If any of you have not read the history behind the Red Sleeve story, I would encourage you to do so. This is a story of a prince/king who truly, deeply loved a court lady/concubine so much, that he would barely look at another woman. This is a long read but so informative!
Addendum: If you feel that reading the history of this couples’ relationship might spoil your viewing enjoyment of The Red Sleeve, then please do not continue. This post presents information about their history and relationship which the series may or may not be following.


Watch Mr. Queen. ‘He’ is a modern chef whose soul got transported back in time into the body of a queen. It is hilarious. ‘He’ not only has problems adjusting to the old-style, ultra-conservative culture but also has to adjust to being in a woman’s body.