RED SLEEVE WP & Discussion - Lee Junho - 💜 SUN 30th @ 3pm




After All the Episodes Drop We Will Run Red Sleeve


I am thinking this will start in January???

Or Do You Guys Want To Start After Water God During the Week???

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Currently Eps 9 is out - If you want to discuss the show - please make sure to blur anything you want to talk about!!! So we all can enjoy soon!!

Post Your FAVORITE Water Scenes - Ya know - shower, waterfall, bath WHATEVER!

When will Water God finish? I don’t know what ep we are on right now since I haven’t been able to join in forever. :sob:



Time for Red Sleeve this Friday and Saturday!!!


i heard it has a not so happily ever after… I’ll sit this one out. Though I have to say, you’ve turned me into a Junho fan. I eat screaming and squealing over the Junho-Yoona Senorita Collab stage :heart::heart::heart_eyes:


I’m not sure what is under the blur!!! LOL - Junho does show his chest!!! Which you know I love - I don’t think it has a sad ending!!! But OKIE DOKIE - sorry to see you sit it out!!! LOL

I have stayed off his social media so that I don’t get any spoilers - although I did see one!!!

But you know I don’t share!



Junho is ready for us to watch RED SLEEVE tomorrow!

Come on over at 7 pm Eastern Friday and Sat



Yes!!! Finally!!!


Finally!!! I’ll try to join this one, I know Jun Ho is yours but we can watch it and cheer him as well lol


I love how you guys are so LOYAL to the Hottie Posse Overlord - LOL!!!

Are you afraid I’ll claim YO MAN! - probably! LOL

I don’t share or play well with others!!!



I’m just trying to be good lol

But… no, hell no


Nah! I say give her a run for her money. She needs the competition so she doesn’t get greedy. ahahaha


You can run it weekdays but I won’t be there. I am continuing with Fall In Love on Monday and Tuesdays, that is if anyone wants to continue and didn’t finish it during the holidays on their own. If that is the case, I’ll just finish it on my own. That reminds me, I need to make a poll for attendees.


We are doing Friday and Sat

We do 2 Eps Right???

Can’t remember!

@natyh knows!!!


Yes, 2 episodes a night, so 4 every week.


so about 4 weeks -

Then maybe we can do the new Kim Bum and Rain!!! Ghost Doctor!!! Next!


Maybe. I am not working on that show so I won’t know how ready it is. (I can’t work on them all. Not that greedy or crazy… :laughing:)


It has 2 eps so far - so it might be where we can start it and it will finish by the time we get there! Lol


It really depends on the team, who is on it, what kind of job it is and how fast they work.

Ok, I looked at the team members on that one. I’ve worked with all those guys. It seems to be a straight segmenting job since they already have a lot of segments credited to them. It will be segmented and translated in a day each episode. So, yea, it will be ready for binging the day after it drops. Well, the English will be ready anyway. I don’t know how long the other language teams will take since they have to wait for the English translations to be fixed and released.


Perhaps this will strike up another epic hottie battle in our Discord server @kdrama2020ali? :wink:


Lol, have fun you guys :smile: