RED SLEEVE WP & Discussion - Lee Junho - πŸ’œ SUN 30th @ 3pm


I’m 20 minutes into ep 16 and, so far, nothing devastating. Lots of tears throughout in the later eps but I think the final ep (17) will be the tissue-killer. Hang in there 'cause it is so worth it! (Just to see Junho if nothing else!)

Addendum: I highly recommend anyone who is currently watching TRS to carry on and finish. You won’t regret it. The last episode, while sad, has a very BEAUTIFUL ending showing how much the king loved his court lady and vice versa. Also, how much he was respected as a king by his constituents. I’ve watched a lot of Korean history dramas and I’ve NEVER seen one of the king’s subordinates (ministers) tell him that it had been an honor to serve with him (the king). He must have truly been one of the greatest kings of that era.


This drama fits the, β€œit hurts so good” phrase. It’s worth it, I promise!


Thank you for your sacrifice, Junho :grin:


Think I need to do some catching up before tonights Watch party. Believe I missed last Saturdays EP’s.



Red Sleeve Tonight


Hey we are almost ready to start!!! Where is everyone!


Tonight Cancelled - See you Next WEEK

9 pm - Watch Party - Red Sleeve!!!



I actually am thinking of cancelling tonight - I’m really tired - would you guys be ok!!!???

OK officially cancelled for tonight!


So those who are still watching we are on Eps 11-12 for Friday at 9:30 after my dance class


How have you guys been able to restrain yourselves??? You are better people than I am. I might join just to refresh and chat since I seem to have missed (my fault only) a bunch of WPs lately. I miss chatting with our fun bunch. :slight_smile:


I miss you!!!

JUNHO’s fan meeting well I mean he kept me up from 4 am to 6 am!!!



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We are finishing RED SLEEVE - cuz we can’t stand the FL at this point!!! She is so dis-loyal!

3 pm tomorrow! 2 Eps and then break and then we finish and I CRY over my JUNHO!

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