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Wow, thank you for finding the story of King Jeongjo & Lady Seong Uibin…

I skimmed through and read the parts of the King and his favoured concubine Uibin. Let me just say, if I have any luck left in this lifetime I hope I’ll be able to find someone who would love me as much as King Jeongjo loved Uibin. Like, WOW. I’m actually at a loss for words right now…

Uibin aka Deok Im must have saved great nations in her previous lives. Even though she was a concubine of humble backgrounds, she received the utmost precious love/care from the King. He didn’t even treat his Queen and noble concubines the same way. I honestly want to cry because their story is so romantic… There’s no modern day man like the King Jeongjo. You can hardly find a man that doesn’t insult you for rejecting him, these days. Uibin rejected the King TWO TIMES and he still respected and waited for her. :sob::sob: How romantic is that?!

Anyway, let me stop rambling on and on… p.s. Don’t read the story if you don’t want spoilers. The drama does follow it a teeny tiny bit…



I only liked the 1st half of Mr Queen - It really disappointed me half way through! Just to add that note

I love 100 Days My Prince -DO


I have not read the story but your words just made me CRY!!! :sob:


:sob::sob: Drowning in tears here. :sob::sob:

King Jeongjo & Uibin :pleading_face:


Most American men - do not know anything about how to be that devoted - I’m sure there are men that are - but romance and waiting like that is not strong.

He loved her - he knew she would come around - if he waited -
I mean she obviously loved him
Junho is playing such a beautiful part
I die!


Which you know I love - I don’t think it has a sad ending love the ultimate energy of cast and acting skills


Looking back, Junho really became King Jeongjo. The way he played the character makes me believe that his love for Deok Im was exactly the way history was written. Junho can display his affection through his eyes and the little gestures.

I think King Jeongjo just became my favorite Joseon King.:heart_eyes:


He did say he has to slowly let this character go - he must be a method actor.

And Junho can look at me like that anytime!!! OMOMGOSH!


After winning best couple at the mbc awards, the host asked Junho who was his type between Se Young and Deok Im. He replied, “since the drama hasn’t ended, I’m still in character. I’m still San. So, I choose Deok Im.” :heart_eyes:

He takes his role very seriously.


He does!!! Very much so! Very much so!






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I’m so PROUD of JUNHO - I can’t even stand how much I just…you know!



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I cannot even!!! Oh - HELLO

You see the innie-outtie

why is a belly button so sexy

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does he have a belly roll somewhere?


I’m not sure Junho does!!! He is more a booty guy!


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I’m still hearing from a friend - STOP NOW - this is heartbreaking!
All of us need to set our hearts - READY for heartbreak! But I love this so much!!!