Region weirdness _ who can see Iljamae?


Ok. I can see Iljimae but others can’t, can you? We wanted to do a watch party for this one but there is no popcorn bucket. :sob:

I am in USA. and can see it, but others in the US can not, so is Idaho its’ own region? I know we have a few whackos up north who want to succeed from the union but the rest of us say, “Hell No idiots! Pay your taxes!”


I can watch it, I think recently it got license in india.
I can join the watch party if the timings are fine.


Great! We’ll start a watch thread here when we get more viewers then we can set a time and day. wait a minute. I don’t have a watch party option. Do you?


I’m from Brazil, it’s allowed for here too!


Do you have the Watch Party popcorn box? If not, we may have to watch it on our own.

Oooo idea… I wonder if teleparty would work?


In Germany also available if someone wants to joyn


Do you have the Watch Party icon?

Right now we have 3 major time areas. The Americas, Europe and India.

0, +8 , and +12 that’s quite a spread.


The one at the top of the page?


I can see it but no popcorn bucket


Oooo You have it! Let’s do a test to see if we can see the watch party. Please start one and post the link here. We are not actually watching it right now, just testing to see if all regions can join.,



Seems like Iljimae was the very first channel created on Viki. It has 1c in its URL. Viki had a long journey to be what it is today. :yum:


It’s available, but I can’t see any popcorn box :sob: Do you think I’ll be able to join a watch party even though I can’t host it?

PS: I have the popcorn box next to a lot of other dramas. I wonder who decides what is allowed for watch party and what’s not.


I can’t find that one :pensive: can be with other?


Marcella has it on her Android. I am hoping she can create a party and host it for us and we’ll see if we can join once she posts the link here

Aw! The popcorn bucket in the upper right did not work? so sad. :sob:


So you don’t have the icon either?


scroll up and look at her image - her android has the bucket in the upper right next to her name


Only selected shows are available for Watch Party (might be licence issues again?). Even a show like Penthouse isn’t available for WP.

I guess Iljimae is among the not selected shows.


But she’s accessing from the browser, and as far as I know, you can’t watch anything from a mobile browser anymore. Also, you can’t join watch parties from mobile devices.


Aw… Ok guys. We tried! but it seems that only Angel and I can see it in the US all other states have succeeded. lol (Or maybe Idaho and where ever Angel lives succeeded lol) Are you in Puerto Rico Angel?


Work, but I think not to this drama. For example, for Me Always You I have the icon at the side of the boton “add to my list”

whay? Do you know?

I really want collaborate :pray:t2::blush: