Region weirdness _ who can see Iljamae?


You’re right. I think Iljimae just isn’t available to Watch Party :slightly_frowning_face: We’ll have to look for another drama then…


Yes, we all want a lot of friends to join our watch parties. :+1: Iljimae is a problem because too many can’t even see it. They get a region error.

I guess we’ll have a Watch Party for Gourmet in Tang Dynasty this Thursday since it has more votes right now.


@vivi_1485 Are you at school? (The mom in me coming out)


called in too sleepy? lol


You can watch and join, but there’s a trick I won’t tell you that :wink::wink:


So sad we can’t :pensive: but when you need, be free to ask me if it’s possible and I’ll open for you all!:heart:


She probably is getting ready! Hahha or she is not going to school :wink:


Us ajummas are a bad influence on her. lol


I know! right! What kind of gramma am I anyway… :rofl:


Come and join us this Thursday! It looks like the winning choice will be Gourmet Dynasty

We have a separate thread for our Watch Parties


Yes :sweat_smile:
Not sleepy, but I should pay more attention :grimacing: I’ll get a break in half an hour.


Amazing, I’ll try organize all my job to join!
Thank you!

that one I can open the watch party! @porkypine90_261


we’ll see you on Thursday We also do Sunday afternoons What is your time zone? The shows are at 1 PM eastern time


This is the thread where the hosts share the links and give updates on the episodes we’re watching.

We vote for our next Watch Party drama here:

You can vote, too!


My time zone is DF (GMT-3), it’s one hours more then that eastern time.


Thank you!!!


See those filters!


For me appear that way too!


Watch party is allowed only for certain shows


Has anyone of you tried Missing?

Or are you looking for something light, with action, or …?